10th Year – 18

Chapter 18 – Grave Visit

“I’m sorry that we’re only telling you after the fact, mother and father.”

The twins faced the gravestones and talked of the fall of the Ubaz Company.
As for Tor, he drank black tea with the caretaker, and watched them from a distance.

“So, those who were responsible for their parents’ death were…?”
“Executed, yes. Many investors contributed to the reward money.”

Said the caretaker as he rubbed his bent back.

“They were a very good couple. They did as much as was in their power when it came to charitable work.”
“So that’s why their gravestones are so grand.”
“Do you envy that, Adventurer?”
“I don’t know. I don’t really think about dying, and so I have no thoughts about my own gravestone.”
“Are you that strong?”
“I wouldn’t say that.”
“…If you aren’t strong, there cannot be many who are strong in this world.”

A voice suddenly joined their conversation.
It was the Durande manager who was walking towards them. Next to him, there was a woman who was likely his wife.
Tor moved so that the two could sit with them.

“Have the interrogations and other matters been settled?”
“Aye. And the wood metal, which is evidence, has been confiscated. About seventy percent of the smuggled gold was left. They are currently arguing about what to do with it, but that has nothing to do with me now. It’s the job of those in charge of finance.”

The manager said with folded arms and a look of relief.
His wife stared at the twins in front of the gravestone, and she smiled gently.

“They have grown so much.”
“They are old enough to choose their own path in life. But I didn’t think they would take away one of our promising Adventurers.”

The manager said with a glare, but Tor just shrugged.

“I accepted the suggestion because it was advantageous to both parties. If you have a problem with it, talk to them.”
“You think I could beat those two in an argument!?”
“They say a man should speak with his back, not his mouth. Now, we’ll stay here and watch, so go to them and show your back.”
“As if I’d do that, you idiot. Young ladies like that would find it quite grotesque.”

The manager said with annoyance while his wife laughed.

“Our daughter once berated him for lying around shirtless after a bath. He’s never quite gotten over it.”
“Don’t go telling people about that.”
“Oh, don’t be so bashful. Besides, I prefer being the one person to see your back.”

She said as she began to slap him on the back.
The twins had said something about how they were so close that they even fought. But this wasn’t even a fight.
Apparently, he knew he was no match for his wife, and so the manager quickly changed the subject.

“So, where are you going after leaving Durande?”
“For now, we’re thinking of going to Flaretelia.”
“Flaretelia, eh? I suppose it’s to go to the dungeon then?”

He was the head of the Adventurers Guild, and so he immediately had an idea of why someone might go there. Tor nodded.
Flaretelia was a famous dungeon town.
The city had developed alongside a dungeon that remained unconquered for fifty years. This attracted many Adventurers to it, which attracted many businesses. It was a city that sold many items that could only be found in dungeons.
Tor reached out for a tea cake.

“The twins have no money, and I have little to spare. So I thought we’d remedy that.”
“Little to spare? In spite of being part of the hierarchy?”

The manager found this quite odd.
When directly hiring a B-Rank Adventurer, you needed to pay their reward.
And if they were in the hierarchy, they could hunt powerful monsters and magitec beasts, which made them even more expensive.

“I was wasteful with my spending.”
“Well, you are still young, so it cannot be helped. However, with Euphie and Mailey with you…”
“Dear, it’s rude to talk to others about their wallets.”

His wife said admonishingly, and the manager frowned.
Tor chuckled.

“I was collecting fallen items as well as artifacts related to the old civilization. But I won’t be doing that anymore.”

The real reason that Tor had little money was that he had been collecting things that he hoped would give him information on how to return to earth.
However, he had given up on his tenth year. So he would no longer collect them.

“…I am quite interested, in this collection of yours, Mr. Tor. Because we sold our own collection.”
“We’re finished here. Thank you for the flowers, Mr. Tor.”

Euphie and Mailey said as they entered the conversation.

“Euphie. I can’t show it to you any time soon, as they are at my base. What we have to do first, is go to Flaretelia and make some money by dungeon crawling. Besides, it will help with your combat training. Mailey, the flowers were my way of paying respect to your parents. I think next time, all three of us should buy our own.”

Tor answered them and then drank the last of his tea before standing up.

“While it’s earlier than expected, should we go?”
“Indeed. Thank you all for everything.”

Euphie and Mailey said as they bowed their heads. Then they stood on either side of Tor and began to walk.
The manager glared at Tor’s back with a look of discontent.

“Just how did he manage to tell them apart?”
“Perhaps he has better intuition than we do. You used to be as sharp as him when you were younger, but you’ve grown quite smooth and round.”
“In your hands, no doubt.”
“In that case, I think we can expect the same thing to happen to Mr. Tor the next time we see him. It’s those two, after all. He will come out like a polished gemstone. I’m sure of it.”

She added that she could not wait, and then laughed. The manager just sighed.

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