10th Year – 22

Part 2 – Chapter 4: Twin Enchant

It was said that the insides of a dungeon was a recreation of a different world.
Flaretalia’s dungeon was discovered fifty years ago. As the inner structure did not change, detailed data of the terrain of the first four floors could be purchased. There was even a decent amount of information on the fifth to seventh floors.

Tor and the twins went down to the first floor. It was near the back of a field of grass that was away from the sloped route to the second floor.
Tor then looked at the twins.

“You two really are strong.”

They had both chosen spears as their weapons. As they had good range, they were optimal for defense.
And since they had already been learning self defense arts, Euphie and Mailey had all the general forms of spearmanship down, and so Tor had nothing to teach them.

Right now, a monster that looked like an evolved boar with giant and sharp tusks was charging at them while breathing heavily.
Euphie and Mailey dodged it easily and then from the right and left side, they thrust their spears towards the monster’s head and rear.
While the monster reacted to the attacks, it was not only pincered from the sides, but would also be attacked if it went forward or retreated.
And so without being able to resist, the boar was killed after being pierced by their spears.

Tor had assumed that the twins would have great coordination, as they could share their thoughts, but it was even better than he expected.
If Mailey or Euphie were alone, they would not be that strong. As they were raised to be ladies, they did not have enough muscle. They would only be a little stronger than the average person.
However, once they were together, and completely aware of the other’s position, and able to make up for the other’s blindspots, they could launch a chain of attacks without any lag.

“I guess you really are the equivalent of C-Rank Adventurers.”

Not only that, but they were quick and efficient when carving monsters for materials. As they had much knowledge on the subject already, they knew how to avoid ruining the materials.
After removing the tusks, which were used to make artwork, the twins looked at Tor.

“What do you think?”
“I think you’ll do just fine as Adventurers. Now, I will tell you about Enchantments.”

Tor pulled out a shortsword from his sheath. While it was used for carving monsters, it was strong enough to be used as a sub weapon as well.

“Though, it is really quite simple. You use magic energy to activate magic. However, the magic energy on the surface of the weapon is maintained as energy.”

It was a way of dealing with powerful magic attacks, and the amount of magic energy on the weapon’s surface was connected directly to anti-magic energy.
Tor sent a current of magic energy into the shortsword, and then activated the magic. And then mild red lightning, like static electricity, appeared.
Euphie and Mailey looked at Tor’s sword with interest.

“I’ve never seen this red lightning magic before. Is it original?”
“This is the only one that I can use. Apparently, because I’m from Japan, the quality of magic energy is greatly different from people of this world. And so even when I follow instructions, I cannot activate the magic of this world.”

And after much trial and error and adjustment, this special lightning magic was the one thing Tor was able to use.

“But I have no complaints, as it’s very useful. If my opponent is weaker than me, they won’t even be able to unsheath their weapons.”
“Could it be that those of Magic Centipede…when they couldn’t unsheath their weapons…”
“Yes. I enchanted their weapons and fixed them with magnetic force. It was easy, because they have never used Enchant.”
“So anyone below B-Rank isn’t even worth fighting for you, Mr. Tor.”
“It’s best to not fight someone if you don’t have to. But more importantly, you two should try it.”

Tor said, and so Euphie and Mailey turned to each other and began to send magic energy into their spears.
This was something that even a child could do, once they learned how. It only became difficult when you had to activate the magic.
As the two attempted this, with some difficulty, Tor threw his chain rings, killing any monsters that approached them in an instant. He then gathered the materials.
By the time he had enough to pay for their rooms at an inn for the day, the twins were able to activate the magic for an instant.

“So both of you did the water Enchant.”

Water was wrapped around their spears like a snake.
While water magic took a lot of space, it was not very dangerous, and had no added effects like Tor’s lightning.
However, when these two were together, it could not be said to be weak.

“I’m sure with some practice, you two can become monsters.”
“I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like we can go that far.”

As Mailey said, they hadn’t even got the basics down yet. They were unable to maintain the Enchant, and it kept disappearing and then reappearing.

“Well, you can practice water magic even when you’re not in a dungeon. We should go back for the day.”

When it came to magic to activate an Enchant, it was different from person to person. While there were some special people who could use multiple types of Enchant, for most people, the one that was affected by the quality of their magic energy was activated automatically.
Because of this, Tor had chosen a dungeon for them to train, as they could hardly practice an explosive flame Enchant while in the city.

As Tor suggested they train in the safe gardens of the inn, or the guild training grounds, Euphie and Mailey protested in unison.

“I want to defeat a few more monsters in this dungeon.”
“But if you want to experience real combat, it would be safer to do so after you can use Enchant…”
“We want to make our own money. And so we must hunt some monsters to raise funds.”

They said while looking at Tor seriously. He thought about it for a moment.

“…Very well. I’m glad that you want to be independent. All right, we can hunt for a little longer. But doing so on the first floor is not efficient at all. We’ll head to the fourth floor.”

According to information he got from the guild, the fourth floor had monsters whose materials could be used for night blindness potions. If they took the shortest route, they could be back the same day. And so it would be the most efficient way for a C-Ranker to earn some gold.

“You said you wanted to raise funds. Are you going to start a business?”

Tor asked as they headed towards the slope that would take them to the lower floors.
They had once inherited the Ubaz company. And so they must have a mind for business, and how much money could be made a day in the dungeon.
Depending on their goal, they might have to hunt in the dungeon for several days.

“We still do not know if it is possible. Some experiments must be conducted first.”
“So you have an idea?”
“It is still a secret for now. Please look forward to finding out later.”

As they were not at a stage where they could talk about it, the twins said no more.
And as someone who had no knowledge of business, Tor did not ask further.

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