10th Year – 23

Part 2: Chapter 5 – Acquiring Materials

“Two pieces of gold…”

After selling the materials from the monsters they hunted in the dungeon, Euphie and Mailey were sticking their foreheads together.

“Mr. Tor, it is quite amazing.”
“This hunting is very efficient.”
“It’s within expectations for monsters. But if we hunted magitec beasts, who have metal parts as well, it would be three times as efficient.”

Tor’s method of hunting involved spreading out red lightning through an area through Enchant, and then pushing his chain rings to round up any monsters that reacted by charging into them.
This was something Tor could do without hesitation, because he was good at facing multiple enemies at once. However, it would be a very foolish method for the average B-Rank Adventurer.

“So, what are you going to do with that money?”
“This is your money, Mr. Tor.”
“It can be an investment then. One day, you’ll pay me back twice as much.”
“You say that so casually.”

Tor chuckled. He really had no attachment to money. Euphie then took Tor’s hand.

“First, an experiment. Let’s go to a glass atelier and a wine storehouse.”
“Glass atelier? Are you going to order some equipment for experiments?”
“That too.”

Tor was curious at this hint that there was more to it, but he decided to amuse himself by guessing for now.

And so Euphie and Mailey pulled him by the arms to the glass atelier, where they manufactured bottles for potions. There were rows and rows of glass beakers here.

“Excuse me. I’d like to speak to you about ordering a small quantity of glass containers. Can we schedule an appointment?”

Mailey asked the craftsman, who seemed to be resting.
The crafter looked at the twins in surprise and then called to the back of the atelier.

“Master! Some pretty twins have come to make an order!”
“What!? Say that again!”
“Some exceedingly beautiful twins!”
“I’m on my way!”

What was going on here? Tor looked around in exasperation.
I suppose there were only men here. It felt like being at an all boys school.
After a brief moment, a middle-aged man with a severe expression appeared. But he took one look at the twins and his face softened into a grin.

“And how may I be of service to you on this fine day?”
“We would like to order glass containers that are durable to inside pressure. And we would also like a small quantity of that kelp ash that you use to lower the melting point of glass.”

The master muttered, deeply impressed. After looking at the twins again, this time with a professional expression, his eyes turned to Tor.

“I see that you are an Adventurer. An escort, perhaps?”
“Yes. The order is from us alone.”
“My apologies. And you seem so knowledgeable of glass. It is rather rare, as there are few women in this profession. Perhaps it’s because of how we look?”

The master jokingly showed off his work apron. As he dealt with high-temperature glass, his clothes were stained with sweat. However, the twins continued to smile without a hint of change. And so the master then pointed to the back.

“Well, I’ll listen to what you have to say then…”

After they had negotiated and placed their order at the glass atelier, Euphie and Mailey took their great wooden box of help ash and headed to the wine storehouse.
Tor accompanied them, of course, and he thought of the shape of the glass containers that they ordered.
They were in the shape of gourds. The master at the glass atelier also looked like he had no idea what they would be used for. But the twins’ order was very precise, and Euphie had even provided a detailed drawing.
Tor had never even heard about kelp ash being used to lower the melting point of glass, and he, for the most part, had no idea what they were talking about.
As soon as they entered the wine storehouse, the twins called a clerk.

“We were hoping you could give us some of the tartar that comes off when cleaning the fermenting barrels.”
“You want that gritty stuff? Are you going to make sweets with it?”

He looked at the twins with a puzzled expression, but after pondering it for a moment, he went to the back of the store.
After some time, a man who was likely the person in charge, came out.

“So you’re the people who want the tartar. You do realize that it’s just sour, and not sweet at all?”
“We are not going to make candy with it. So, how much will you charge?”
“You can have it for free, if you want. We throw it out anyway. Well, some people use it to feed their livestock, but in Flaretalia, we acquire our meat from dungeon monsters, so it really has no other use.”

Apparently, it was just seen as waste here.
However, Mailey then handed him two pieces of silver.

“If that is the case, please refrain from disposing of it for a while. It may be that we have an interesting use for it. While we only need a small amount now, we will let you know the results in a few days. And we will bring a sample as well.”
“I don’t know what you’re up to, but I do not mind. So, how much do you need?”
“As much as that silver weighs, please.”
“Very well. Just wait one moment. By the way, mister…”

After dealing with the twins, the man turned to Tor.
Tor had been looking at the labels on the wine bottles that lined the shelf with a serious expression. And the man approached him with a look of amusement.

“Have you tasted our wine before in some other place?”
“You could tell? A good fragrance, refreshing and sharp taste. I liked it very much. But I don’t remember which one it was.”
“Where did you have it?”
“In a Durande tavern.”
“Then it must be this one. Will you two pretty ladies drink as well?”
“We will.”
“Yes, we’ll do you the favor, Mr. Tor.”
“Haha. There you have it, mister. I am quite envious of you. And I’ve already received two pieces of silver to get rid of the tartar. Yes, I will give you a discount on a good bottle. Perhaps you’ll become a loyal customer.”

The man said with a jolly laugh as he went to fetch the tartar.
Euphie and Mailey stood on either side of Tor.

“Are you very fond of wine then?”
“I do not hate it. However, I drank that wine in Durande during a special day. The day I gave up on ever returning to Earth. And so I feel sentimental about it.”
“…I see. In that case, we really must drink it together.”
“No, you don’t need to force yourselves… Ah, very well.”

They took Tor’s arms as if to declare that he would not be allowed to escape, and so he gave in.
Perhaps sharing such pathetic sentimentality with others might lessen the pain.

“But more importantly, I think you’ve held off long enough. What kind of business are you two thinking of starting?”

Special glass containers, kelp ash, tartar. They were all things that Tor knew nothing about.
However, what Euphie and Mailey were trying to make was, in fact, something he was very familiar with.
They looked up at Tor and smiled.

“…We will make carbonated drinks.”

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