10th Year – 42

Part 3 – Chapter 11: The Beginning of the Magic Beast Nest Attack

On the morning of the expedition, Tor and the twins headed to the rendezvous point, and were surprised to see so many people there.

“Even though there are guards to protect the city, is it really fine to send out so much of their fighting force?”

Mailey asked with an anxious expression.

There were nearly forty Adventurers who were participating. But there was also an additional thirty, for backup support, as well as to secure an escape route.
Most of them were above B-Rank, and some of them were like Rokuk, and were equipped with over parts.
As for those who were going into the nest, they were to be split up into several teams, and so they were being split up right now.

Rokuk saw Tor and the twins and waved his arm as he approached.

“Aye, Tor. I know the twins, but who is that?”
“Magitec Master Coen and her Golem.”
“Ah, Ms. Coen. Your reputation precedes you. I’m Rokuk, a B-Rank Adventurer.”

Rokuk offered his magitec hand, and Coen smiled when she saw it.

“How long have you been using over parts?”

She did not shake his hand, but questioned him with a smile.
Rokuk grinned and pulled his hand back.

“This is my fifth year with it.”
“I see. So you are iron arm Rokuk.”
“You have an intimidating stare. So, is that Golem for combat? Or is it a guard?”

Rokuk shrugged and changed the subject to the Golem.

“They passed Mr. Tor’s inspection, and so I am to use them as guards. After all, our purpose here is to carry rare aluminum ore.”
“If Mr. Tor says that, then there is nothing to worry about. The five of us will make up one team, and our goal will be to reach the deepest part of the nest.”

Rokuk spread out a map.
While the nests were in the center of the ancient ruins, they were very big. And so forty people would have to spread out and destroy the important facilities.
And Rokuk’s team would target the control facility, which was in the deepest part of the nest.

“Unlike the spare parts factory, magitec beast production facility, and adjustment facility, there are generally not a lot of magitec beast around the control facility. However, there are numerous fixed defense devices and turrets. So you will have to be careful.”
“Where are the turrets located?”
“It’s not fixed. And so we won’t know until we go there directly.”

They discussed how they would deal with different situations, and then they departed.

The first part of their journey was on foot, along the main road, and then they turned and entered the forest.
The forest was not tended to, but it was a place where Adventurers and magictec beasts fought all of the time, and so there were torn down trees and holes in the ground.
As Tor was in the far back, he could watch the five Golems that surrounded Coen and the twins.

“The Golems have no trouble getting through.”

There were some places that were dense with trees, but they avoided them as they reached the magitec nest.
Rokuk, who walked in the lead, raised his hand for the others to stop.

“They’re coming from both sides. Both are medium sized. I’ll deal with the left.”

He extended his left hand and activated the Enchant. And then a white mist appeared around his metal arm.
From both sides, large magitec beasts with metallic manes were rushing towards them. Each limb is as big as a human torso as they kick the ground, and their metal manes groan in the wind.

The magitec beast roars angrily at Rokuk, it bares its fangs and attacks him.
Immediately after, the white mist around Rokuk’s arm spread out explosively.
And just as the magitec beast’s vision was filled with white, Rokuk swung his right arm upwards.
After targeting the magitec beast’s face, Rokuk used the weight of his arm, and the sounds of the attack echoed.

“One more!”

As the magitec beast is staggered, Rokuk thrusts his hand into him. The metal armor protecting the magitec beast’s stomach crumples like paper, and he scrambles the insides.

“…Ohh. That’s a good scream.”

Rokuk grins as the magictec beast shrieks. He then pulls out his left hand, and uses his right hand to grip the magitec beast’s neck, and then slams it to the ground.
Rokuk watches the flailing magitec beast with amusement, but then turns away with disinterest, and snaps the beast’s neck.

And then the white mist begins to purify the blood on his left hand. And in that hand, is the magitec stone he had grabbed after the thrust.

“Tor. How are things going over there… Ah, are you serious?”

Rokuk turned to the right to see how things were going, just as the twins swung their spears and cut off the magitec beast’s tail.
Tor wasn’t doing anything. Apparently, he meant to leave everything to the twins.

Euphie and Mailey were silent. They weren’t even looking at each other. However, with smooth, dancer-like movements, they filled in each other’s blind spots and openings while overwhelming the magitec beast.
They reacted to the magitec beast’s movement, including the preliminary actions that only one of them could see. There was nothing wasted. They moved like a single creature as they attacked the magitec beast on both sides.

The magitec beast probably felt like it was inside of the stomach of a large animal. They would read its every movement and always attack from a blindspot. They had an accuracy that exceeded that of a machine, and there was nothing it could do to retaliate.
They slashed at its four limbs and then pierced its neck and heart. And then Euphie and Mailey turned to look at Tor proudly.

“And now we are B-Rank Adventurers.”
“We are the same level as you, Mr. Tor.”

They said smugly, but Tor shook his head.

“While it’s good that you are cautious, you are still taking too much time. It is fine this time, because you have allies, magitec beasts are crafty, and become more strategic in herds. And so the combat time should be as short as possible. However, your positioning was good, and you stayed aware of your surroundings. I will give you that. So, I’ll give you a seven out of ten.”
“You’re too strict!”
“We demand a reevaluation!”
You can train again when we get back.”

Tor ignored the twins who tugged at his arms, and he turned to Rokuk.

“Let’s keep going.”
“Aye. Still, those two are quite strong, eh?”
“They are quite special. But more importantly, Rokuk. Why are you standing so far away?”

Tor asked Rokuk, who was standing some distance away.
While the battle had ended, there were a lot of magitec beastkin nests in this forest. It was not a good thing for him to be so far away, as it would affect their cooperation when attacked.
Tor wondered if it was because Rokuk was used to working solo, but Rokuk chuckled and hit the machinery of his left arm.

“It gets really hot, so I have to stay away. Now, let’s move on.”

He waved away the thin white mist, and started to walk back towards the nest.
Coen followed after him, as if observing him carefully.

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