Seisan Mahoushi – 36

Chapter 36 – I Built Sheep Houses and Slept!

“This should be a good enough spot…”

I had come to the south eastern side of Fendel Village.
This was so I could make houses for the Mopes.

It would put them close to the east river, meaning they could drink water easily.

“I have enough wood materials… Ah, now that I think about it. Celes, what kind of houses do you like?”
“Baah! A vast house where we can all relax inside!”
“In that case, you don’t need personal rooms?”
“Indeed! We don’t need any planks to surround us!”
“I see… So I’ll have to make a very large house then.”

The structure was simple.
I just needed to make the same kind of house, but ten times larger, so that about a hundred Mopes can fit inside.

However, making something that large was quite difficult.
Having extra pillars would help raise the durability, but… Well, I’ll just have to try it.

“All of you. Stand back now. Build…House.”

I crafted the thick pillars inside of my magic workshop, and from there, I placed the walls and boards for the walls and built up the roof.

And then, in just one minute, the large house was complete.

“BAAHH!? A house has suddenly appeared!?”

Celes and the other Mopes all raised their voices in astonishment.

“What a dangerous person… He might even be stronger than the Demon King!?”
“At the very least, he’s more powerful than the officers!”

There were people who could use production magic in the Demon King’s army as well.
Obviously, they had to be from the races that could use magic.

I…well, no human had ever seen it, but it was said that the Demon King used production magic to build the Demon King Castle.
When you consider that it was done alone, this Demon King really was impressive…

Well, many humans believed that this story was a lie that the Demon King used in order to intimidate enemies.

And so I replied to the exaggerating Mopes.

“Well, just go inside. It should be very warm.”
“Bahh-baah. We’re very grateful!”

The Mopes bowed their heads and entered the house, one after another.

Celes bowed to me.

“Thank you! Please let us know whenever you want wool or milk! In fact, you can shear us right now!”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes! If anything, it was growing so long that it feels hot.”

Indeed, Celes’s wool was so long that I felt like I was talking to a big hairball.
I kind of wanted to touch it… But just as I thought this, I saw that Melk was already using her paws to touch the wool.

It seemed very soft indeed… I wanted to feel it too.

But I held back such impulses and muttered.

“I see. Then we’ll happily accept it…”

It was essentially the same as sheering any other sheep.
You just need to cut it away with scissors.
And so I used wind magic to make the wool into cotton thread and then cleaned it with wind and water magic. After that, it was processed into a fabric. Then it was just a matter of turning them into clothes and other cloth items.

As it had been my job to make undergarments at the Knights Order, I had made them a lot.
Though, high-ranking knights usually bought their clothes from merchants, which were made of luxurious cloth.


I entered the house and noticed that the Mopes were all huddled together.

They must have been tired, as they had fallen asleep.

“Ah! Hey, you! How rude! And we haven’t even repaid them yet!”

Celes said, but the Mopes just snored loudly in reply.

“Baaahhh… We’ve been running for so long. So everyone is tired.”
“There’s really no rush. We can do it when they wake up.”

In fact, I really wanted to go to sleep as well.

Though, it would have been nice to fall asleep on a mattress made of that wool…

Celes must have seen the expression of longing on my face, as she then made a suggestion.

“In that case…why don’t you…sleep on me?”
“We Mopes are the traveling beds of the Demon King’s army! So we can be your bed, Sir Joshua!”
“Really? Hmm…I would like to see if it is as comfortable as it looks.”

As I was incredibly sleepy, Celes’s suggestion was very tempting.

“Very well… Would you come to my tent?”
“With pleasure!”

And so we went to my tent, and Celes became a bed for me.
It was just as I expected. No, perhaps even more soft and comfortable. And so I fell asleep immediately.

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