Makai Hongi – 336

Chapter 336

I understood that the Demon World had fallen into a great chaos.
It was bad enough that wars were erupting all over the land, but now there was even an invasion from the Celestial World.

And Melvis was mad.
In fact, that was the important part.

He was very energetic for someone so old.
Apparently, Melvis’s wide area magic attacks would have a disastrous effect on his surroundings.

As for me…
After I talked about what had happened in Tralzard’s lands, General Farneze became very serious as she pondered over it.

What I had told her, was that Demon King Tralzard had defeated Demon King Legard, and that she was now being targeted by the surrounding Demon Kings.
The General already knew this.

Furthermore, as survivors from Legard’s lands were still active, it would be difficult for Tralzard to call back her troops from the south.
And so she was being forced to fight a two front war in the south and the north.

However, the General’s reply was very bold.

“If that’s the situation, then I won’t be able to use King Tralzard to stop King Melvis.”

While Tralzard was the closest person to becoming a Great Demon King, I didn’t know if such a thing would work.
Even if we confided in her, she would just get tear-eyed and start shaking.

Then she would lock herself up in her castle and refuse to come out.

“I don’t think that was very likely to begin with.”
“I see… She is already being attacked within her borders, so it will be difficult to get her to move.”

The General misunderstood me. Getting her to move was not the problem. She was scared.
But I didn’t know if she would understand even if I explained it.

“Is King Melvis that dangerous when he’s angry?”

“As he is doing it abroad, it can be interpreted as a declaration of war. Furthermore, if the battlefield were to move here, then this country would fall.”

“That is bad.”
It wasn’t just any other country. He was going wild in Great Demon King Dalm’s country.

A war with a Great Demon King was the last thing we wanted now.
Of course, we didn’t want him to wreak havoc in any country at all.

I see. That’s why we needed someone who could stop him.
However, two of our Generals were posted to the north and south.

And General Farneze was supposed to guard the castle.
So if someone absolutely had to stop Melvis, it would be General Farneze.

And unless she was very lucky, she would die in an instant.
That was the most likely outcome.

But even if she was lucky and she survived, he would probably not listen to her.
Yes, it was quite the predicament.

“…I have no choice then.”

The General said. She had made up her mind.
I felt the same. The General would just have to do her best.

“I’m glad that you became stronger, Golan.”
“Are you? But I don’t really feel that much stronger.”

There had been a great change when I evolved previously.
Though, it was no surprise, as there was a great physical transformation.

This time, it was just an increase in mana level. At least, that’s what it felt like.
I was a Lesser Demon King now, but that happened right before my death.

And then I had spent some time in a vessel, so I didn’t feel like a Lesser Demon King.

“It surprised me when you evolved as well, but it is quite shocking that you could change so much in such a short amount of time.”

“Uh, I really don’t think it’s that…”
I didn’t like the way she was lifting me up. Was she really that happy to see a subordinate’s growth?

You would think she’d be worried about a Gekokujyo.

Being above others was such a hassle, and so I wouldn’t do it. But normally, if you became stronger, your ambition would be to have as many people work under you as possible.

“And so you should be able to bear it.”
The General said as she nodded to herself. Bear it? What?

“Uh, General Farneze. I don’t really understand what you mean.”
“Ah, my apologies. It just made so much sense to me.”

“Uh…I should be able to bear what?”
“Obviously, I meant that you should be able to reach King Melvis.”

Wait a minute…what did she just say?

“With this much power, you should be fine. There will be no trouble at all.”
“No trouble…that can’t be…”

“This is something that I can only ask you, Golan.”
“What is it specifically…?”

“I want you to stop King Melvis.”
“I knew it!”

“It will be hard enough to get close to King Melvis. The average high-ranker would not be able to do it. But you are tough Golan. It should be possible.”
“I hate to break it to…”

“You might encounter some celestials on the way, but you should have no trouble. They will only be in the Lesser Demon King class, after all.”

If it was to save this country…would that change things?
There were many people in this country that I had sworn to protect.

It wasn’t just the Ogres, Reapers and Lamias. There were the non-combatants as well.

Besides, I did need to meet Melvis.
Then perhaps this was actually a good opportunity for me?

It did seem terribly dangerous, but if nothing was done, the damage would only increase. I wouldn’t be able to talk to him if things reached a point of no return.

“…I understand. I will go.”
“I see. Thank you. Well, let’s not waste any time…”

“If it’s Great Demon King Dalm’s country, then there is a great distance to cover.”
Even if I ran with my strengthened body, it would take several days. And that was if I ran without stopping.

“Don’t worry. I brought with me only the best men when it comes to flying ability.”
What did she mean?

“I think four of them should do… You.”

And then four Vampires stepped forward.
They were all tall and looked like seasoned warriors.

“…Uh. Whaat?!”
Two of them grabbed me by the arms. And just like that, I was lifted off of the ground.

“Hey, wai…”
And then the other two grabbed my legs in the air.

Now that all of my limbs were being held, I was level with the ground while floating.
I would have looked like a superhuman character with an ‘S’ on his chest from the old movies.

“Now, Golan. I’m counting on you. And the rest of you as well.”

“Deliver him with haste.”

“Hey…General Farneze! You don’t mean to say thaaaaa…”

Before I could finish, they took off into the air while clutching my arms and legs.

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