Makai Hongi – 284

Chapter 284

The ambush from the meathead Vampires was executed with perfection.
And even in the fight after that, they were pushing the enemy back. At least, at first.

However, once the chaos had settled, the enemy began to strike with a renewed force.
And now, we seemed to be at a standstill.

“I guess they couldn’t keep pushing.”

While the Vampires were strong, so was the enemy.
Things had gone well because of how the enemy scattered. And had it been an ordinary ambush, they would have been able to regroup quickly and regain the advantage.

“Alright, I better go then.”

As I started to move towards Nehyor, someone blocked my path.
“…Oh. That’s interesting.”

This one looked strong.
But he also looked a little different than the others of the Wild Hunt.
His entire body was a bright green color. Like the fresh grass in a prairie. A pretty color.

And since I had never seen someone like this before, I didn’t know what race he was.
But he had a lot of mana.

From what I could estimate, it seemed higher than General Farneze.
Perhaps he was even equal to General Miralda.

Even after evolving, I was terrible at reading someone’s mana level.
I was starting to wonder if it had something to do with having two souls.

Mana emitted light. And so the intensity of the light gave you a general idea of its strength.
At least, that’s what I thought.

And in my case, there were multiple sources of light.
The other me was close by, and so it made it difficult for me to read with precision.

“Well, it cannot be helped.”
Besides, more good things had happened because of the other me, and so I had no complaints.

“Are you the one who planned this!”
The man who came between me and Nehyor shouted with rage.

He was very angry.
His body even started to shine.

“That’s not…sweat? Is it oil?”

The outer skin began to shine wetly. It was quite disgusting.
It probably had something to do with combat. But what did it mean?

“Legras. That is Golan. He’s actually quite amusing. But if he’s going to try and interfere with my plans like this, then he must die.”

“Of course, Lord Nehyor. We have already lost the chance to ambush Tralzard. I will not forgive him for this. I will kill him.”
They said to each other.

What was this? Listening to the way that Legras talked. It was as if I were the villain here.

“There’s no need to throw a tantrum just because your plan failed. Your parents would be so disappointed.”
I tried provoking them.

Just then, Legras’s skin began to change.
It became bigger and harder, like protective armor.
Was the oil from earlier like some kind of grease?

There was something like a sickle blade extending out from his elbows, and he looked even more deadly than before.

(A race that is specialized for duels?)

His feet also transformed and became rounded, and crescent shaped blades grew out.
And there were needle-like spikes coming out of his knees.

It would be hard to go about daily chores if he looked like that all of the time.
So I suppose that’s why it was a special ability?

No, there would have to be a better reason.

When you were covered in so many weapons, you would no longer be able to fight within a group.
You would hurt your comrades more than your enemy.

“Legras. I’ll fight too. We can’t take any chances. We will kill Golan here and think of Tralzard later.”

So, Nehyor would fight as well.
To be honest, I had not expected someone like Legras to be here, and wasn’t sure what to do.

My eyes scanned the area.

(Things…did not look good)

The meathead Vampires were doing well.
But the enemy had regrouped, and it was clear that the Vampires were struggling now.

Well, they had come out here so gleefully, and so I doubted that they would fall apart so soon.
I would just have to believe in them.

“Alright. Attack me together. I’m ready.”
Legras, the walking mass of weapons. And Nehyor the Vampire.

While it would be a tough battle, I could not back out of it now.
If I let Nehyor go, I may never get another chance.

I lowered my posture a little.
Then I raised the mana drain shield and held up the Deepsea Dragon Sword.

Nehyor was fast. Fast like a god.
And I doubted that he had gone all out in the previous times that I had faced him.
Surely he still had tricks up his sleeve.

And then there was this Legras.
He had transformed into some kind of bug-like creature.

With hornet stingers on his knees and even wings.
Yes, the blades on his elbows were like that of a praying mantis.

He had hard edges and blades wherever you looked. Someone built for combat.

“Now, come at me!”
I howled.





Just then, a crowd of Ogres passed between Nehyor and I.

“Oh…I had forgotten about them.”

Yes, the idiots had completely slipped my mind.
This was my original plan.

First, I would stop the enemy in its tracks. Then the Lamias would bombard them with magic.
Once the enemy was confused by this attack, they would scramble to avoid being hit.

At this point, the enemy would no longer be functioning as an organized army.
And that was when the Vampires would attack from the sky.

Why had I planned it this way?
Because the Ogres were slow.

Nehyor would have his own scouts in the area.
In order to be able to attack him from outside that scouting zone, I had to stop the march.

The third part of the plan would involve the Ogres attacking.
They would charge into what remained of the enemy army.

However, only I would attack Nehyor.

But due to Legras getting in my way, I had become distracted. And in the meantime, the Ogres had already started their charge towards us.

And now they had joined the fray. Just as I was about to fight.
I wanted to grumble about party crashing, but it was my own fault for forgetting about them.

The enemy was even more surprised than I was.

And then I saw it.
As Legras took a step forward, an Ogre with the eyes of a madman bashed into him.

Legras stood his ground… But then another Ogre crashed into him.

By the time the third hit him, Legras staggered.

And then came the fourth…and eventually seventh. Legras was knocked off of his feet.
Before he knew it, he was staring up at the sky.

Then my consciousness returned to the Ogres.
After the eighth one, they came down like boulders.


Legras was kicked, trampled, scratched, rolled, until he was out of sight.

Even I would not have been able to stop a stampede of Ogres that charged towards me like that.
It was impressive that he had even lasted as long as he did. Of course, it was a wasted effort.

In the end, when all of the Ogres were past us, Legras was nowhere to be seen.
Not even a trace of him remained.

But Nehyor seemed to have seen Legras as he was kicked away. And his eyes bulged as if they would pop out of their sockets. He stared dumbly at the backs of the running Ogres.
His mouth was still open.

After enough time had passed, Nehyor turned and glared at me.
He was furious.
I had never seen him this angry before.


After a short delay, the group of Reapers ran between us in order to follow the Ogres.
Apparently, they could not keep up with the speed of the meatheads.

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