Realist Demon King – 169

The Return of Robin!

The Morning Star was a drake that was completely red all over. The fact that even its eyes were red made you feel that it was different from the others.

When facing such a monster, I couldn’t help but be reminded of how I was just a small demon.
During such times, it is best to rouse oneself, even if it is a lie.

I chanted a curse and unleashed a magic arrow. It was an energy bolt, but also still beginner magic.

However, mine was special. It created nearly ten of these arrows at once, and they pierced through the drake.

–Well, that had been my intention. But the drake ignored them as it charged.
Its eyes were bloodshot, and its fangs bared as it tried to eat me.
I quickly dodged its fangs and made some calculations for defeating the drake.

I felt that I would be able to inflict damage if I used forbidden magic, but I wasn’t sure which one to use.

But that was only for a few seconds. I didn’t want to take too long and inconvenience the others.

They would probably just continue to kill as many drakes as was necessary, but I didn’t want to take any chances. Besides, if I took too long, Toshizou would definitely complain and make me buy him a drink later on.

Not that I was too stingy to do that, but I would rather do it with a feeling of celebration.

And so I would finish this quickly.

“I know, I haven’t used summoning magic in a long time.”

I would summon the spirit king, who I had not called ever since I defeated Demon King Sabnac.

“Drakes are a type of fire dragon, so I should call an ice spirit.”

It was a simple idea, but those were often the most effective.
Thinking this, I chanted the words.

“Boundless water that resides in the atmosphere, the low temperature evil that wriggles between the worlds.
I accept your unholy matrimony.
Come out! Queen of Ice, Fenrione!”

When I finished chanting, the temperature around us dropped, and a creature that was half human and half beast appeared.
She was very beautiful, but looked cold and proud.

The queen had a dignity that suggested she would not balk before any powerful enemy. And with blue lips, she spoke in the language of spirits as she floated towards the drake.

And in order to give the kiss of death, it embraced the drake by force.

Every spot that was touched by the queen of ice became frozen in an instant. The drake let out a scream, but the queen ignored it in order to deliver the final blow.

She kissed the eyelids of the Morning Star, and its eyes froze and then shattered.
Once the drake’s brain was frozen solid, it stopped retaliating and roaring, and fell to the ground.

Now that she had killed the drake king, the queen smiled confidently and then vanished in a swirl of snow.

And so it was defeated. But it was then that I noticed something.

“That’s strange. Drake reinforcements are still coming from afar. And the others are still fighting.”

I had assumed that the drakes would stop attacking us. But something was wrong.

Just when I thought this, a warning signal flashed through my brain.

“Damn it! So this wasn’t the only one.”

Immediately after, the second drake appeared from within the forest. It looked exactly like the one that had just been defeated.

“In other words, they were twins.”

I realized this, but in the same instant, it had my back.
The drake’s powerful claws attacked me.
For a second I thought that I was going to die. But I couldn’t die in a place like this.

I didn’t like to give up. And so I focused on defense magic in order to at least avoid a lethal blow. But my reaction was not quick enough.

That didn’t mean the drake’s claws reached me. Just before they did, the drake began to cry out in pain.

When I turned to look, there was an arrow piercing through its right eye. Someone had shot it and saved me.

“Who is it!?”

I thought frantically. But it wasn’t necessary.

After all, there were not many who could shoot an arrow with this timing and accuracy.

And so I shouted his name.

“Robin Hood!”

The moment that I shouted his name, he made his presence known from deep in the forest.
A voice shouted from the branches of a great tree.

“It’s been a while, Demon King. As promised, I have returned to become your subordinate.”

Robin Hood said with a laugh. Su the carbuncle was also on his shoulder.

“Your timing seems very calculated. Like in a novel.”

“I won’t deny it.”

“But it was too good. Readers these days would complain of such things.”

“I’m sure they would. But I didn’t come here without any purpose. I received a report from your ninja.”

“In other words, it was Fuma Kotaro that told you.”

“Yes. He said that his master was wandering around in an underground labyrinth. And so I came to see what was happening.”

“I feel rather ashamed to be seen like this. However, I’m glad that you came.”

“The accomplishments of a servant are a credit to the master. Think nothing of it.”

“So, you’ve really decided to work for me then.”

“Aye, of course. I have decided to offer this bow to you. It now exists for Demon King Ashtaroth.”

“I am grateful to hear such words.”

I savored these honest words and then gathered magic energy into my right hand. And then I unleashed it at the second drake, who was flailing around wildly.

The magic arrow flew straight to the creature’s heart. It let out a roar and then fell to the ground, and became silent.

At the same time, the sounds of fighting in the distance also faded.

Now that the two leader drakes were defeated, the others were no longer united, and so they started to disperse.

They turned their backs to Toshizou and the old man, and began to flee. As there was no need to chase after them, Toshizou started walking towards me.

He looked at my face and said,
“Very impressive, master. You killed two of them.”

I explained that it wasn’t just my power, but that Robin had supported me. And then Toshizou turned to Robin.

“Hmm. If it isn’t the archer who helped up defeat Dagon in Berneze.”

He had remembered Robin.

Robin had not forgotten him either, and so the two shook hands. However, Toshizou told an indecent joke.

“I suppose you’re going to join the Demon King’s army, but I joined it first. We’re close enough to be naked around each other.”

While he was talking about the onsen, it didn’t sound like a joke when he said it. But Robin replied mischievously.

“Well, I already have someone, and don’t intend on getting that close to the Demon King. But I hope that we become the kind of warriors that will be known as Toshizou of the sword and Robin of the bow.”

Robin said, and the two laughed.

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