Shinmai Boukensha – 74

Day 74: Ms. Noa’s Ring
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Water Serpent, 26th day.
Weather: Sunny

It was so sunny today that it was hard to believe how much it had rained yesterday.
…This is why you can’t trust the weather during this season.
…Perhaps we shouldn’t have gone down the mountain after all.
As I thought of such things, I sensed my brother’s movement! So he came to!?
I frantically moved towards him, and he grunted while sitting up… Please don’t push yourself so hard!!

He sat up and looked at me, and then let out a weak sigh of relief.
I’m fine, you should be worrying about yourself right now! You’re too reckless!!
I said a little angrily, and he chuckled and lay down again.
…For now, I’ll prepare a meal… It is not good for you to go hungry.

Today’s breakfast was some cooked preserved food in bread…
It cannot be helped, because Ms. Noa is not here! I did my best, you know!?
My brother looked a little put off by it, but after eating it, it was surprisingly to his liking.
Hehe. Yes, it is rather delicious, like snack bread.
Besides, I already knew that he actually liked sweet food!

After eating, I checked once again to make sure that he was not injured.
Judging by what I saw yesterday, there shouldn’t be anything life-threatening…
Thankfully, there was nothing serious… I was relieved.
However, his left arm appeared to be fractured… He will not be able to use it for some time.
As a temporary measure, I’ll use a tree branch and cloth to hold it in place, so that it can hang from his neck.

After that, I explained the situation to him, and we talked about what to do next.
The problem was whether we should stay here and wait for help, or return by ourselves…
If we stayed here and waited for help, there was the danger that it would rain again, and the river would flood.
That being said, to travel without even a map…
As I troubled over it, I noticed that the ring on my right hand was blinking faintly.
What was it? That had never happened before…

My brother seemed to be curious as well, as he asked me about the ring.
Uhh, it’s a ring of protection from Ms. Noa. She has one as well.
He nodded understandingly and then suggested that we move.
Huh? But we don’t know which way to go??

Though I was confused, he then explained that the ring would guide us.
Apparently, these paired magic artifacts were able to call to each other.
And so if we went in the direction that caused it to blink brighter, then we should be able to reach her.

Upon hearing those words, I felt Ms. Noa’s kindness and my chest grew warm.
My brother patted me on the head, and praised me for making such a good friend.
Yes! That’s right! Ms. Noa is the best friend!!
I said with a smile, and he smiled back.

We hurriedly prepared and then departed.
While we walked, my brother looked like he was having trouble, and so I took his hand, much to his surprise.
Wh-what? I can be nice to people who are injured!
He laughed and thanked me… Hmph! It felt strange!!
But more importantly, please be careful while you walk! It’s easy to slip here!!

…And like that, our plan to return had begun.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Balance: 59 silver, 45 bronze
30 cat coins

(‘-‘*)Hehe Ms. Noa…I’ll do my best!!

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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