Shinmai Boukensha – 75

Day 75: Smile at my brother
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Water Serpent, 27th day.
Weather: Rain

…It’s raining today. Hmph!! What is wrong with this weather!?
It was so sunny yesterday… I can’t believe it.
Well, there is no point in complaining… And I prepared breakfast.
Ah, the preserved food is cooked just right. I have to hurry and put it in the bread.
…We’ve been eating this and dried meat nearly every day now… Uhh… I want to eat Ms. Noa’s food.

After we finished breakfast, it was time to move.
The light from the ring was getting stronger.
It was even moving during the night, when we weren’t traveling, so Ms. Noa must be searching without rest.
…I hope she is not being reckless. If something were to happen to her, I would…
Yes, we must find her as soon as possible. I will do my best!!

Like that, as the rain poured, we walked down the rocky mountain road. And then my brother suddenly asked me a question.
He wanted to know why I ran away from home…
He said that father, mother and my older brothers were very worried. If there was a reason, he wanted to know…
I fell silent at that… I was aware that I had caused them to worry…

While I looked down silently, my brother patted me gently on the head.
And then without saying anything, he walked ahead of me alone…
When I raised my head in surprise, he smiled and said that I better hurry if I don’t want to be left behind…
That was like him…
Whether I said something or not, he accepted the answer.
He really…was too kind.

After that, we continued to carefully make our way through the mountain road.
He did not ask me about leaving home again.
Instead, he asked me about my adventures up until now.
I suppose it was his way of putting me at ease, and I felt less heavy of heart after that.

I told him many things… After all, the last month and a half had been very eventful.
My first quest, camping outside, troubles with money, nearly dying.
Ah, he thought the story about being a nameku hunter was hilarious.
When he was at the Knights Order, even he had avoided fighting them. And so he was impressed.

We continued to talk about me, even after preparing to camp out, and when it was time to sleep.
Eventually, I started to talk about myself, even when he didn’t ask me.
It was as if I wanted him to acknowledge how hard I had worked during my adventures…
He nodded and listened silent. And sometimes, he would laugh and continue to listen.

Eventually, I finished, and with a smile, he said that I had grown so much in just a short while.
I was so happy that I ended up returning the smile, like I would have with Ms. Noa.
However, this seemed to surprise him.
…What!! Did I do something strange!?

I said angrily, but he chuckled and apologized.
He said that it could not be helped. We had not met for a long time. And I had rarely ever smiled so naturally like that…

Hmph!! How can he say something so embarrassing with such a straight face!
We’re finished here! I’m going to bed! Good night!!

…Our plan to return would continue for a little longer, it seemed… Damn it.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Balance: 59 silver, 45 bronze
30 cat coins

(/-\*) Why did I smile like that!! Idiot, idiot, idiot!!

Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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