My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 388

Real Battle Training

“In any case, Mr. Takumi and the others are here. We can talk about the rest while we eat.”
“Yes. Let’s eat.”

Delicious looking food had already been served on the table.
And since we were all here now, Mr. Ekenhart suggested that we start eating.
Tilura and Liza were talking about what had happened in the town.
I suppose it was about the fun things.
Because Liza looked happy. I felt grateful to Tilura.

“I see… So that is what happened. And this person that you saw?”
“The guards are currently searching for him. As they know he is from the slums, it should not take too long for him to be caught.”

The guards had told us about this before we left the town.
Based on our information, and that of witnesses, they would attempt to find the culprit.

“And you believe you know who it is?”
“Yes. I think it is one of the people who had been bullying Liza when we found her.”
“I see… So they really do not like the beastkin. Well, I did know that…”
“Father. I think it will be necessary to do something, regarding that.”
“Mmm. I will not ignore the problem. But it is a difficult problem, as it is not as if everyone there is bad.”
There were surely other orphans like Liza. Perhaps the person who had thrown the rock was also one.
Perhaps there were people who could not find work, and had no proper way to live…
But as Ms. Claire and Mr. Ekenhart talked, I noticed that Ms. Anne looked rather furious as she ate.

She was probably angry that Liza had been hurt by a thrown rock.
While it was good that she had become so fond of Liza, she was likely to splash sauce all over her hair and clothes if she wasn’t careful.

“Oh, that’s right. Mr. Takumi. And Tilura.”
“What is it?”
“What, father?”

After finishing his conversation with Ms. Claire, Mr. Ekenhart suddenly appeared to be in a good mood as he turned to us.
Seeing Mr. Ekenhart like this…always made me feel a little anxious.
Tilura stopped talking with Liza and turned to face her father.

“Sebastian has finally given his permission. While it will be a few days later, I am taking you two away from the mansion.”
“Sebastian’s permission… But where are we going?”
“Will we go to Ractos?”

Mr. Ekenhart happily told us that he was taking us somewhere.
But if he needed Sebastian’s permission, it must be a pretty big deal…
Ms. Claire seemed to know the answer, as she was holding her forehead and sighing.

“No, not the town. The Fenrir Forest.”
“Fenrir… Are you going to search for the Silver Fenrir again?”

We had been there previously when we rescued Sherry. However, we had not been able to actually find any Silver Fenrirs.
Obviously, Sherry was proof that there were still fenrirs there, so perhaps he wanted to search through the forest again?

“No, we are not there to search for anything. It is for your training.”
“Mmm. While you continue to train with your swords, I think it best that you experience some real combat. Well, you already have, Mr. Takumi. But it will still be good for your training.”
“And it has to be done in the forest?”
“Aye. Because there are orcs there. Our purpose will be to hunt them down. I had been wanting to do this for some time, and Sebastian finally agreed to it today.”
“…Hah… But there is a requirement. They must have guards with them, and good Leo as well.”
“Exactly. As you can see, he is not very enthusiastic about it. But you are all but guaranteed to be safe with Leo there. So, will you come with me?”

So it wasn’t to search through the forest, but to fight orcs.
Indeed, we had encountered orcs quite often during our exploration. And so it was a good way to gain some real combat experience.
And Leo could help if we ever ended up in trouble…
Sebastian was sighing with an unusually tired expression. Mr. Ekenhart must have worn him while trying to persuade him.
Perhaps the reason he had smiled before, when Tilura was talking about wanting a familiar, was because he had thought of this plan.

“Still, why so suddenly? Surely they can continue to train like this for a little longer?”
“I did consider that. However, I will not be here forever, where I can oversee their training. I need to return to the main house soon.”
“That is true…”

Mr. Ekenhart was a duke.
He would have a lot of work to do, and could not do all of it in this mansion.

“And so, while it won’t necessarily be the last training session, I want to do what I can while there is still time. They will make more progress in one real fight, than many days of slow training.”

I could understand his reasoning there.
Because I had felt it myself after experiencing it.

“When Mr. Takumi goes to Range village, Leo will obviously go with him. And so I want to advance with Tilura’s training while Leo is still here.”
“Mmm. While Mr. Takumi has already experienced a real battle, you have not yet. And I rather you not do that where I cannot see you… And preferably where Leo and the guards are close by…”

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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