My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 389

The Way Liza Referred To Herself

Mr. Ekenhart wanted Tilura to get some training.
Even though he included me as well. But it could just be a way to have Leo come with them.
Perhaps he was worried that once Leo and I were gone, the defenses at the mansion would be weakened.
Well, the guards would surely do their best, and I doubt we were in any danger. Mr. Ekenhart just worried too much…

As a father who was teaching his daughter how to fight, he wanted to make sure that she reached a certain level.
Also, Tilura would have to train by herself once I was gone.
The guards might be able to help with her training, but they also had their own duties…
It was difficult to tell if you were improving if you had to train alone.

“What do you think, Tilura? While this won’t get you a familiar… You will be able to fight some real monsters. You might even get hurt. But we don’t have to go if you don’t want to…”
“…I will go! And I will show you that I can fight well like Mr. Takumi! Besides, I will have to fight against monsters in order to acquire a familiar!”
“I see. Very well. Then, Mr. Takumi… Will you ask Leo for me?”

Fighting against orcs was a dangerous thing.
But after thinking about it for a moment, Tilura made her decision and nodded.
Mr. Ekenhart looked quite happy. He then turned to me a little awkwardly and asked about Leo.
Leo had not been listening at all, and was only interested in eating the food on her plate…

“Hey, Leo. Do you have a minute?”
“Your mouth is dirty again… In any case, Leo. We’re going back to that forest where we found Sherry and…will you come too? This time, it won’t be about exploration, so you will be more of a guard.”

When I called to Leo, she raised her head from her plate and looked at me with a puzzled expression.
I felt bad for disturbing her meal but also noticed she had made a mess again… And she had become dirty after lunch as well. I would have to bathe her later…
I thought of such things as I asked her to accompany us.

“Wou? Wou. Wuff!”
“The forest again? Very well, leave it to me! That’s what she said, papa!”
“Haha. I do understand her, Liza. Thank you, Leo. Well, that’s what she said, Mr. Ekenhart.”
“Mm. Thank you. Now we will be able to go to the forest.”

Orcs were no threat to someone like Leo.
It had been the case the last time we were there, and even when the orcs had attacked Range village, Leo had defeated them all in no time.
Mr. Ekenhart nodded with relief. And the matter was settled.

“Isn’t this hat nice? Papa bought it for me! Liza really likes it!”
“Ohh. Yes, that is quite nice!”

Once we were done talking about the forest training, we rested and drank some tea. Liza and Tilura were talking cheerfully.
As they were close in age, they got along well.
Liza was still wearing her hat and showing it proudly to Tilura.
She must really like it… I had told her that she could take it off after we were out of Ractos, but she wanted to keep it on.

“But Liza, why do you refer to yourself like that now? You didn’t do that yesterday?”
“Yes. I thought it was weird to say Liza, Liza… People make fun of me… But then papa and ms. Claire said that I should do what I want!”
“Oh. Well, that’s true!”

Tilura had noticed that Liza was talking differently.
Now that I think about it…she did seem to have changed it at some point today.
I hadn’t even noticed it… I suppose Tilura was just sharper when it came to such things.
Perhaps I needed to pay more attention when it came to.

“Hehe. Yes, that’s when Liza stopped being so reserved.”
“You noticed, Ms. Claire?”
“Yes. After she cried so much in the plaza.”
“I see… I didn’t notice.”
“Well, women are more observant when it comes to such things. So you shouldn’t worry about it too much.”
“Is that so?”

I wasn’t sure about such things.
Besides, Ms. Anne was biting her handkerchief and looked upset.
It was kind of scary.

“Even Tilura noticed…but I didn’t… Damn it…”
“Uh, it looks like Ms. Anne didn’t notice?”
“Perhaps Anne is not much of a woman then.”

Uh, that seemed a little harsh, Ms. Claire?
But in spite of such insults, the rest of the tea time went by in a friendly atmosphere as Tilura and Liza talked… Well, except for Ms. Anne.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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