Shinmai Boukensha – 66

Day 66: Gold and Cait-Sith
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Water Serpent, 18th day.
Weather: Sunny

Hehe. I smiled while staring at my gold coin in my room in the morning.
After all, this is gold!! Gold! My first reward gold!! The golden!!
This weight, this shine, this beauty… Hah, it makes me sigh.
But Ms. Noa started to look put off when she saw me doing this.
…Do-don’t give me that pitying look!

After that, we had an awkward breakfast and then I went to the Adventurers Guild.
Ah, Ms. Noa had some shopping to do, so I went alone.
…I left a bag of money with her, but… I hope she won’t waste it.

And so it was with such worries that I arrived at the guild.
First, I asked the guild worker at the front desk about yesterday’s results.
She smiled and said that there was no problem.
I sighed with relief, but my eyes widened when she gave me the reward.
…What is this?

There were thirty pieces of silvery metal that looked like a cat’s face.
…Uh? Where did my thirty silver coins go?
As I looked confused, she asked me if I did not know about cat coins.
Yes, I did know about them.

They were the currency used by the demihumans called Cait-Sith.
However, they were only worth a small fraction of the currency used everywhere else.
By the way, the Cait-Sith were talking cats that stood on two legs. They were cute and fluffy.
However, cat coins as a reward… Ah, could it be that…!?
I frantically took out yesterday’s request sheet from my rucksack.

When I checked it, I saw that the client was a Cait-Sith.
My reward…my reward… AH!?
I knew it… Next to the reward money, there were very, very small letters showing that it would be paid in cat coins.
I-I was tricked! Who would notice this!?
Apparently, the guild worker realized what had happened from my reaction, and so she looked at me with some sympathy.
…To make such a mistake… Perhaps I have been too relaxed recently.
Sniff… I will just give up, and accept it as an expensive lesson that I learned… But I still want to cry.

I’m no longer in the mood to accept any work, and so I will rest for today…
Deciding this, I headed back towards the inn, when suddenly, someone hugged me from behind.
I let out a small scream and turned around, but it was just Ms. Noa.
…Don’t scare me like that… Ah, what about your shopping trip?
As for what she bought…it is a secret, right…? Hmph. Ms. Noa was always like that.
She returned the leather bag and we talked together and returned to the inn.
Today, I am just going to stay inside and sleep.

And so while rolling around on my bed, I took a look inside.
Perhaps my gold coin will cheer me up. My wounded heart just needed to see it again and… What??

…The gold coin was gone?!

Ah! Ms. Noa!!
I frantically went to her room to check, but she just muttered that she had used it.
I fell onto my knees, right then and there.
The gold coin…the gold coin… This has been a terrible day.

And so I returned to my room and continued to cry as I rolled up into a ball… I was so sad.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: -28(Inn x2)(Bed: A, Food: A)
Silver: -80(Use unknown)
Cat Coins: +30(Quest reward)
Balance: 64 silver, 43 bronze
30 cat coins

。・゚゚ ‘゜(*/□\*) ‘゜゚゚・ Waaahhh!! Stupid Ms. Noa!!

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