Seisan Mahoushi – 108

Chapter 108 – A Lighthouse’s Base Is Always Dark!?

While the others rolled around in the sand or swam in the sea, I started to inspect the shore of the island.

“Here, it should be fine even if the tide is a little high.”

This White Sand Island we had discovered.
There was a craggy area with boulders.

It was a little higher than the beach, and so we could build something and not have to worry about the waves hitting it. As we could also see the mouth of the river from here, it would be a good place to post watchers.

“Something that we can watch from that will also be a landmark… I will make a lighthouse.”
“A lighthouse?”

As everyone else was playing, Iria alone followed me.

“Aye. You know those towers I built along the wall around the village? The building itself will be quite similar. I can make it just by stacking stone materials.”

Still, just because it was a lighthouse, I should avoid making it too narrow. I would make it almost the same size as a defense tower, so that we could hide in it if necessary.

“However, on the roof of lighthouses, there will be a great fire. So that people can see it during the night, or when the weather is bad.”
“So you will be able to see it easily from far away. Perhaps that child you were searching for will also notice it and come.”
“Perhaps. Well, it will also be noticed by the Demon King Army.”

That being said, the Demon King Army could not build good ships. They could only make brittle ones that would fill with water from the hull and sink. At best, they could make small boats like ours, or rafts.

Even complex war machines like trebuchets and ballistas were difficult for monsters to make.

However, there were monsters that lived in the sea.
But many of them were not in league with the Demon King Army. And so currently, the Demon King had little influence over the sea. So there was no fear of him sending a great army from the sea.

That being said, if that were to happen… We needed to expand our monitoring network.

And so I quickly built up a stone tower with Magic Workshop on the rocky area.

It was about ten beters high. Lastly, I raised pillars on the top and put a round roof over it. This way, the fire would be protected if it rained.

“Alright, let’s try going to the top. It should offer us a good view of the whole island.”

And so Iria and I climbed to the top of the lighthouse.

It had a spiral staircase, just like the watchtowers in the village, and the windmill. There was also a space near the bottom where you could sleep.

As we climbed up the stairs and came up to the top, the first thing that sprung into our vision was an endless blue sea.

Iria held onto the railing as she looked around her.

“You can see much farther compared to the boat! I have never seen something so beautiful…”

Iria looked towards the horizon and the waves crashing against the shore of the continent.

“Aye. It really is a beautiful place.

I could not see any settlements from here.
I had hoped to see signs of demihumans living along the shore, but from the mouth of the river, all along the shore line to the east and west, there was nothing man-made to be seen.

It was just nature as far as the eye could see. The salty winds and sounds of waves were comforting.

“The lands around Fendel village are great, but so is this place. We should come here every once in a while.”

It wasn’t exactly a villa, but it could be similar.

Iria nodded happily.

“However, what should we do now? If we go west, then there are human cities.”
“But aren’t they currently under the Demon King’s control?”
“Aye. And so the farther west we go, the more likely we are to encounter the Demon King Army. So I suppose it’s better to go east… Huh?”

I noticed a moving shadow below us.

Melk and Asuha were walking towards the center of the island.

“I suppose they are exploring. Though, it will not take long for them to finish.”

The island was almost a circle, and was about two-hundred beters at its widest point.
While it was a small island, there was some flat land and a little river, so we would be able to build a town of sorts.

…Still, something was rather odd.

The center of the island was the highest point, and it lowered from there. However, there were areas around the mountain that looked like they had been neatly flattened.

It looked like they had been cleared by someone deliberately.
There were hardly any trees, and it was mostly just exposed rock… Huh?

I saw that there was a thin, vague line on some parts of the ground.

And when I squinted, I saw that rock materials had been laid out in a rectangular shape there.

“It’s paved with stone?”
“That looks like the waterway you made in the village, Sir Joshua.”
“Aye. Someone must have done this. Were there people living here before?”

But there were no other buildings to be seen.

However, I then noticed that Melk had reached the highest point in the center of the island, and stopped.

As Asuha watched, Melk began to hit the stone pavement with her front paws.

And then…

“It opened?”

The stone pavement that Melk hit opened up.

This must have been a surprise for her as well, as she quickly jumped back.
And then she looked up towards us, as if asking for directions.

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