Seisan Mahoushi – 54

Chapter 54 – We Prepared to Climb the Mountain!

“Undead…undying beings… How are we supposed to defeat something like that?”

Mette asked with a tilt of her head.

“Iria. Do you remember when we fought the skeletons in the dungeon a little while ago?”
“Yes. It was terrifying… Uh, are those same things going to come out again?”

Iria asked apprehensively, and then Mette’s mouth opened in surprise.

“…So even the princess is afraid of something.”
“I will pretend that I didn’t hear that, Mette.”

Iria said, but her eyes were not smiling.

“We-well…to some people, skeletons are very disturbing…”

After all, they were from dead bodies.
And some times, there was still skin and flesh that was visible…

“More importantly, this one will be much stronger than any skeleton… After all, it does not feel pain.”

Even a hundred humans might not be enough to take down a dragon.
And now such a dragon was an Undead, who did not feel pain. How powerful could such a being be?

Mette forwned.

“It doesn’t feel pain…so we cannot weaken or stagger it. What about using the poison of the Devil Snake?”
“Poison is not effective on Undead. However…”

I turned to look at Ecleshia.

“Wh-what is it, Joshua? You are looking at me so seriously…”
“So-sorry. I was just wondering if Ent leaves would be effective on them. They are weak to healing magic.”
“I see… Of course, we Ents will cooperate with you.”
“Thank you, Ecleshia. Also, Melk’s staff will be useful.”

Upon hearing my voice, Melk, who was in her wolf form, went off to fetch the staff from the tent.
Then she returned with it in human form. Of course, she was fully clothed.

Mette looked even more confused than before.

“…But isn’t healing magic used to cure people? Why would it be effective on Undead?”
“Curing the bodies of Undead… In other words, turning them back into the state of the living. Of course, it is not a full and complete reversal.”

I said, and then Iria looked as if she had an idea.

“I see! So they will be able to feel pain again?”
“Aye. And since the healing is incomplete, the pain will continue… And holy magic will work. Now that I think about it, Ecleshia, are there any other plants that heal wounds?”

Ecleshia nodded.

“There are plants that have the same effect as our leaves. I know of one plant that unleashed pollen of that sort.”
“Then can you gather some? Also…we have to think of a way of getting close enough to the dragon to attack it.”

As it had attacked them on their high mountain, this dragon had no trouble flying.
It attacked with black flames…or flames of shadow magic.
Perhaps it was originally a Fire Dragon.

But getting close to it would be difficult… My magic wouldn’t be able to stop its flames, and this wasn’t someone who I could lower their guard by talking to them, like I did with Barnish.

“In that case…”
“Baaahhh! Today, we will go hiking to the north!!”

My eyes settled on Celes and the Mopes.
Today, they were going to hike leisurely.

Mope wool was strong against fire.
Perhaps I could use that to make some armor.

And so I acquired more wool from the Mopes, though it wasn’t fully regrown yet, and went to work.

And what came out was…

“Woah! What is this cloth?”

Mette was astonished after putting on the cloth that covered her whole body.

“It’s a robe. It also has a hood, so pull it down when you’re fighting against the dragon.”
“Hmm…while it seems like it would be good in the rain…will this…uh…really be able to stop the fire?”
“Well, it’s more of a last resort. This is the main thing.”

I then took out a mass of fluffy wool…which was really a wooden shield that had Mope wool attached to it.

“It’s wrapped in three layers of cloth made of Mope wool. Furthermore, I also put unprocessed Mope wool on top of it.”

Mette watched Melk roll around on top of the shield and said,

“Wh-what? That looks more like a mattress than a shield.”
“Maybe that’s what we’ll use them for after the battle… Well, just use it when you cannot dodge an attack.”
“Very well. Judging by what you’ve been saying, my participation in the fight is confirmed then!”
“Aye. Mette, Iria, and Melk. I want you three to come with me. Sorry, Ecleshia…”

Ecleshia shook her head.

“I very well understand that this is not the opponent for me. This is one time where we Ents would only get in your way. We will stay behind this time and take care of things here.”
“Thank you.”
“But, will you fine with such a small group? I don’t think that…”
“No, we’ll have them come with us…”
“Huh? What is!?”

Ecleshia looked up in the direction that I had turned to, and she gasped.

“W-wooly giants… What are they?”
“They are just Golems inside. I covered them in Mope wool.”
“O-oh… I thought they were some new monster that had appeared.”

Ecleshia sighed with relief.

There were ten Golems covered in Mope wool. And they all held shields made of Mope wool as well.
It was during times like these that I wanted to rely on their help.

“Now, let us go!”

Iria and the others replied enthusiastically.

And so with the Tengu’s guidance, we headed to their village.

Seisan Mahoushi no Rakuraku Henkyou Kaitaku - Saikyou no Ajintachi to Howaito Kokka wo Kizukimasu!

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