Shinmai Boukensha – 59

Day 59: Abandoned Mine Escape Plan
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Water Serpent, 11th day.
Weather: Unknown

When I came to, I was lying on the ground on my back.
…So…I’m alive then…

For now, I checked my surroundings.
When I stood up, something clinked near my feet.
Ah, the mine lantern! I reached down and inspected it with my hands. It seemed like it wasn’t broken. What a relief.
I then cautiously switched it on, and a faint light illuminated the area.
Just then, something moved in the rocky shadows.
With one hand on my sword, I directed the light towards it, but it was just Rai. He was curled up into a ball with his head in his hands…

When I approached him and called out, he suddenly grabbed onto me.
He was shaking so much… Was he injured?
I checked him, there were no noticeable injuries.
I breathed a sigh of relief. At least he wasn’t shaking due to blood loss.

…But now Rai would not let go of me… What happened to that strong-willed boy?
Well, he was a child, so it could not be helped.
Even I would have been frantic now, had I not had all that experience… Also, having someone younger than me here also helped to keep me calm.
…I suppose I should pat him on the head? Maybe that will help.

As I patted him for some time, he finally stopped shaking.
When I looked down, Rai was looking up at me with a worried expression.
But when I smiled reassuringly, he suddenly turned his nose to the side and then quickly moved away.
…That wasn’t very cute.
Still, since he was better now, I decided to explain the situation to him. We would not be able to move forward unless he understood the situation.

When I finished, Rai looked like he was about to burst into tears… I understood how he felt.
If you look, you could see just how deep this hole was that we fell into.
It was almost a miracle that both of us had only gotten scratches and scrapes… But I would not thank the gods…
…If they existed, they shouldn’t have dropped us down here in the first place.

For now, we must leave this place. There was always the danger of another collapse.
When I started to walk, Rai followed me frantically. Hmm… He is still fine.
And so I made him carre the mine lantern. He should feel less anxious if he has a role…
Also, there were types of toxic gasses that sunk close to the ground.
So it was better for Rai to hold it, because he was shorter.
…You better tell me right away if there is any change to the flame, alright?

And so we walked on… Where was this place? The map…was with Ms. Noa.
…Ah, the Kobold map! I hurriedly took it out of my rabbit sack and checked it.
This… It was a map of the mines more than a hundred years ago! It’s quite old, but better than nothing.
And so looked up the passage numbers of where we were before falling in order to figure out our current location.
…Sixth layer. I could cry.
What? But what are these strange hand-written symbols?
…I don’t know what it means, but perhaps we should carefully go in the directions of these ▼marks.

After walking for some time, just as we were about to reach the first mark, the light suddenly disappeared… Hmm.
I turned around and headed towards a different ▼ mark. And then onces again, the light disappeared in the same way.
I see. I understand the meaning of this mark now. The others must have some meaning as well.
…We must be careful as we move.

While it was a severe situation, I will do my best and not give up.
Young Rai. We shall return to the surface safely!!

…And that was the beginning of our plan to escape from the abandoned mine.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Balance: 47 silver, 71 bronze

(p_;)\(^^ ) We’ll surely be fine!!

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