Seisan Mahoushi – 184

Chapter 184 – A Giant Worm!?

“Meow-meow! Over there!”

Rona was running towards a giant boulder…or more of a platform of smaller boulders.

There was a gentle slope below, which turned into a cave.

So that was where the Nowa tribe lived. Indeed, it would be difficult to find them there.

However, numerous black cats were screaming and jumping out of the cave.

“Run away-meow!”

And then Rona shouted at one of the fleeing cats.

“What happened, meow!?”
“A worm I have never seen before is stealing the food, meow!”
“W-worm!? Not a snake? Why don’t you just use your claws on it?”
“Because it’s so big! It had long fangs and is dangerous, meow! He-hey! Wait!”

The black cat tried to stop us as we ran past it.

“We will defeat it. Leave it to us… I believe…it is a monster known as a killer worm. They are very powerful, so be careful.”

I saw Iria and the others nod, and then I pointed my hand towards the cave.


I unleashed a magic sphere of light, illuminating the interior of the cave.

And then Iria unsheathed her blade and jumped inside.

“I have killed it!”

Her voice echoed, and then we entered the cave as well. I then saw the shredded remains of a giant worm.

They were powerful monsters, and would continue to move, as long as their head remained intact, but… It could not move when cut to this degree.

“Well done, Iria.”
“Nothing can stand against this sword that you made, Sir Joshua… However, I did not know there were worms that big.”

Iria said as she looked down at the worm.

Mette was also astonished.

“It-it really is huge…”
“Never seen one this big.”

Melk also muttered.

Apparently, these monsters were not originally found around Fendel.

And considering how scared Rona and the other black cats of the Nowa tribe were, the killer worms were likely not native to this place either.

I had never seen them in human settlements… The only time I did, was when we were fighting against the Demon King army, and our camp was ambushed. They used their long fangs to crush humans before swallowing them, or dragged them underground. They were very difficult to deal with.

As they were so powerful, I assumed this one was from the Demon King army, but…perhaps it was a wild one.

In any case, it would be best for Rona and the others to be on their guard.

“Rona. It is a little dangerous here. I think you should find a new home.”

Rona nodded, but looked pale.

“Ye-yes, meow… But what if it was to appear outside of this cave too…”
“Aye. And so you must have a house where it cannot attack you.”
“A house? Above ground? But then the snakes and boars will see us…”
“Aye. And so it will have to be so high that even they cannot reach… By using this great boulder over here.”
“Meow… I don’t understand, but would be grateful for your help. We will try to return the favor.”
“Aye. Leave it to me. I will build it quickly. I’m used to this kind of thing.”

And so I started work on building a house for the Noa tribe.

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