Seisan Mahoushi – 185

Chapter 185 – A strange tribe?!

“Meow! Wh-where did that come from!?”

Rona was astonished after seeing stone and wooden building materials come out of my hands.

“This is my production magic… Yes, that should do it. It’s finished.”

I said as I looked at the house that I had built on the large boulder.

Rona and the other black cats looked up at the house with wide eyes.

“There is a groove carved around the giant rock, which you can climb up.”
“Meow! Meow! Understood!”

And so Rona and the black cats began to climb up the groove, which wrapped around the rock like a spiral. I had cut it with wind magic, and it would be a passage to the top layer.

As for me, I used a ladder to climb up.

It was about the height of a three-story building, and so it was quite tiring to reach the top. But this was the right height if you wanted to stop the enemy from invading.

The top of the rock was mostly flat, and there was enough space to build three to four houses.

But right now, there was a single, two-story building standing there.

It would be a little small for humans or demihumans to live in, but the Nowa tribe would be fine, as they took the forms of cats.

“Meow! You made it in an instant!”
“It’s the same magic that our ancestors once used, meow!”
“Amazing, meow! You can do such things with magic, meow?”

The black cats meowed in surprise.

Upon seeing this, Melk muttered,

“So many. Including the ones hunting, there must be two hundred.”

As Melk said, there were a lot of these Nowa cats.

In other words, they would need that much food supplies.

Apparently, most of the fruits and dried rats they had stored in the cave had been eaten up by the death worm earlier.

Even as I was building the house, I overheard the Nowas talking worriedly about the food situation. And so many of them had gone out hunting.

But eventually, a voice echoed on the surface.

“I hunted some Shield Shells for now!”

Mette was dragging a fishing net that was filled with over ten Shield Shells as if it was nothing.

Apparently, she and Iria had caught them together.

There was also meat from the devil snake, and so they should be fine for a few days, but…

Mette climbed up the ladder and pulled up the fishing net to the top of the rock.

“Here, I brought some food. I will cook them over a fire so that you can eat.”

Rona looked very apologetic and asked,

“A-are you sure? Meow?”
“We will help each other when in need. Do not worry about it.”

Iria answered, and then she and Mette started to cook over the fire that I made.

Rona bowed.

“Thank you, meow.”

They had to be able to secure some kind of food source.

However, the Nowa tribe could not take human form, so they could not use tools. And so they had no choice but to use claws and fangs to hunt.

Perhaps we would have to regularly send them food from Fendel for some time.

Rona then said,

“If only we could also stand while carrying things…meow.”

And the Rona stood up on its hindlegs.

However, its legs were shaking, and it was clear that standing like that for a long time was difficult.

Melk then asked,

“Tools are useful. Why not transform?”
“Meow…we don’t know how.”
“Just will it.”
“Meow…it’s no use.”

Aside from Rona, the others of the Nowa tribe closed their eyes and attempted to change as well. However, they could not turn into demihumans.

But then Rona said,

“We shall practice standing upright, meow!”
“I see. But don’t force it if you cannot.”

Still, I decided to make some tools that would be the right size for them.

Just then, Rona talked as if remembering something.

“That’s right, meow. You have done so much for us. And so after talking about it, we have decided to give you our treasure, meow.”
“No, we cannot accept something that is that valuable. Just showing it to us is enough.”
“Do not be modest, meow. In any case, we shall bring it.”

Rona said, and then turned to the other black cats.

And then the black cats carried the battered tools with their mouths and brought them to me.

“This Is the treasure that has always been in our tribe!”
“All garbage.”

Melk said. Rona was furious.

“Meow! They’ve been passed down for many generations, and we took good care of them, meow!”
“What is it used for?”

Melk asked, and then Rona became silent.

“I-I…don’t know, but it is a treasure, meow!”

Rona insisted.

All of the Nowa treasures were rusted, and looked like old tree branches.
However, the one thing they all had in common was that they were thin and long in shape.

“Is this…a staff?”

Rona asked with a tilted head, and I nodded.

“A tool to use magic. You can use magic without it, but with a staff, you can absorb more magic energy, and the control is… Well, in any case, it is a tool that makes using magic easier.”
“I see, meow. In that case, perhaps our ancestors used these to for magic, meow.”
“That is quite likely. But, do you know the name of the magic?”
“Meow…I do not.”

Rona muttered, and then Melk and Asuha looked at each other.

“Melk will teach them magic.”
“Meow. Really?”
“Magic is as useful as tools. With magic, gathering food is easy.”

As Melk said, it should be very useful for the Nowa when gathering food.

I could sense a decent amount of magic energy coming from the Nowa black cats. So perhaps their tribe used to be good with magic.

“In that case, I will clean these staves. Do you mind if I take these treasures for a moment?”
“Of course, not! Meow! We will all learn magic, meow!”

And like that, it was decided that we would teach the Nowa tribe magic.

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