Seisan Mahoushi – 186

Chapter 186 – They were good with magic!?

“Amazing improvement.”

Melk’s eyes blinked as she watched the black cats.
After learning magic, they were able to create fire, make the wind blow, and cause rain and snow to fall from the sky.

The black cats of the Nowa tribe were all talented with magic without exception. Once the staves were put in their paws, all of them showed an aptitude for some type of magic.

In Fendel, there were quite a lot of demihumans who could not use magic at all. If anything, the people in each tribe who could use magic were a minority.

So in comparison, the Nowa were quite special.

“Meow-meow! This is amazing! Infinite water!”
“We no longer have to go to the river to drink, meow!”
“Not only that, but it’s clean and delicious, unlike that muddy water, meow!”

The black cats were especially happy about being able to acquire water so easily.

Perhaps they weren’t sure how to make use of fire and wind just yet.

Iria saw this and muttered.

“Well, this has been a great success. Good work, Ms. Melk and Ms. Asuha.”
“The magic books from the royal capital were useful.”

Melk said, and Asuha nodded.

“We were able to teach the basics of every type of magic.”

Melk and Asuha had used the books to learn all of the beginner magic of every attribute.

This wasn’t just to deepen their knowledge of magic, but also so that they could teach the children of Fendel.

“If only I could use magic as well. Damn it, I am so jealous.”

Mette said as she watched the Nowa use magic.

And then Melk answered her.

“Mette does not need magic. Strong already.”
“That is very true, but I still wish I could use some great, explosive magic just once.”

Mette said jealously.

Just then, Rona approached us.

“Meow-meow. Magic really is amazing…”
“It is the Nowa tribe that is amazing. And you, Rona, who is able to use any kind of magic.”

Among the Nowa, Rona was the only one who could use every type of magic well.

Most humans and demihumans were only good with one type of magic, such as fire or water magic. Though, most of them could not use magic at all, similar to Iria and Mette.

Even I was not very good with magic outside of production magic.
Well, it did seem that as I improved with production magic, the other types of magic improved as well.

However, in the beginning, it had been difficult for me to even make a flame appear on my fingertip. This was because I had the Magic Crafter crest, which bestowed aptitude in production magic.

I turned to Rona and said,

“In any case, I think you should continue to practice with magic. There is a school in Fendel. And there are other books with different kinds of magic, so you are welcome to visit.”
“Meow. I would very much like to go!”
“In that case, perhaps I will ask Ymir and the dwarves to extend a road to this place.”

That would make traveling back and forth easier.

With that being said, there were also a lot of boars in the area. There were also devil snakes and killer worms. And so we must also ensure that the roads are safe.

That’s right, killer worms… Why were they here? Usually, you would only see them while fighting the Demon King’s army. That was something I would have to look into.

“Rona. Has it become easier to acquire food here?”
“Meow. Melk and Asuha taught us to use magic to gather food. Now we should be able to get a lot of it, meow!”
“That’s good to hear. So, about the future…”
“Meow! Do you mean the alliance, meow?”

Apparently, Melk and Asuha had been telling Rona about Fendel, as well as magic.

I nodded, and Rona answered at once.

“We would very much like to be added to the Fendel Alliance, meow. To show our gratitude for saving us and teaching us magic, we want to give back to the alliance, meow! We would be glad to join, meow!”

I turned to look at Iria, and she nodded.

“Thank you. We look forward to working with you.”
“Meow. No, thank you!”

And like that, the Nowa tribe joined the Fendel Alliance.

After that, a few more arrangements were made, and we decided to explore the area surrounding the Nowa tribe’s home.

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