Ossan Boukensha – 98

Chapter 98 – Lunch

Repairing armor and taking care of the horses ended up taking quite some time, and our stay in Ranaronwa lasted for two weeks. In the meantime, while I was finishing maintenance on my weapon, tools and prosthetic leg, I continued to train with my sword and light magic.

“Status Open.”

Name: Ajifu
Race: Human
Age: 23
LV: 30(+1)

HP: 221/221(+5)
MP: 137/137(+6)
STR: 61(+1)
VIT: 60(+2)
INT: 40(+1)
MND: 46(+1)
AGI: 40(+2)
DEX: 33(+0)
LUK: 17(+0)

Eralt Lv4, Reverse Age Lv4, Farming Lv3, Carpentry Lv4, Carving Lv5, Leatherworker Lv3, Gathering Lv2, Shield Art Lv8, Magic Manipulation Lv14, Everyday Magic(light/water/earth), Sword Art Lv14, Night Vision Lv1, Parallel Thought Lv3, Prayer, Light Magic Lv4(+1)

Visitor From Another World, Farmer, Blessing of the Ability God, Adventurer, Creator’s Blessing.

As my light magic level finally went up, I checked my status. I was now at level 30, thanks to the harpy battle, and it could be said that I was now near the upper half when it came to Adventurers.
I had been able to make up for what power I had lost due to the prosthetic leg. In fact, I thought I had moved quite well during the harpy battle. My AGI had gone up quite a bit, as if to prove it.
On the other hand, my DEX was lagging behind. Perhaps I should take up bow training.

After the members of White Snake Scale had finished with their gear, they would take small jobs while waiting for the next merchant caravan. There had been no news from the Adventurers Guild about attacks in Pamar, so it was probably fine.

If one traveled south of Ranaronwa, they would reach the Rabahask empire. And to the east, the road split towards the country of Lusnatos. It was a country where the temple held great power, and it neighbored the elf forest.

It was my current destination. And it was now the morning of the day of departure.

“I’ll be counting on you again.”

I petted Mulze’s neck after attaching the saddle and reins.

Mulze neighed back.
I tightened the leather straps of my armor, and left the inn. The morning air was chilly, and felt good on my skin.
I pulled the reins and this time headed to the opposite gate then the one we had come in from Pamar.

When I arrived at the gate, it was already busy with travelers. And then I saw a few figures standing there waving to me.


It was the members of White Snake Scale. I had heard that they would come to see me off.

“Thank you all for coming.”

“Well, it is the departure of a fellow comrade.”

Jirot said. Though, for Adventurers, encounters and separations happened all of the time.
And so the fact that they had come suggested that it was a special battle for them.

“I was glad to have been able to fight with you, Jirot.”

We shook hands and patted each other on the shoulder.

“It was short, but I enjoyed traveling with you.”
“You were amazing, Mr. Ajifu!”

Leliane and Naros really did look like siblings when they stood side by side. It must be reassuring to have a family member close by.

“No, thank you, Leliane. And you too, Naros. Both of you, stay well.”

Leliane crossed her arms in front of her chest, and I put my hands together. The shrine and church greetings. And then I shook hands with Naros and patted him on the shoulder.

“Hey, Ajifu. Take this with you.”

Gunat said as he handed me a boxed meal. Are you my mother!

“When I talked to my mother about you, she said that I should give you this.”

So it was your mother!

“I-I see. Thank yo… Heh…kk…ahahaha!”

“Hey! Don’t laugh!”

“Haha! Uh, sorry. No, it was just so unexpected.”

“Shut up. I know that! Give it back if you don’t want it!”

I dodged the hand that reached for it.

“I’ll receive it gratefully, Gunat. This is the best gift.”

“Damn it. You should have said that in the beginning then.”

We then shook hands firmly.

“Don’t die in some boring place.”

“You too. Don’t get beaten by some other queen.”

We bumped fists together.

“Ajifu, we are Adventurers. If our paths cross, we may meet each other again.”

Said Lodoz. To be honest, I didn’t know what would happen in the future, regarding my age. And so I had no idea if we could meet again. Still, I wished that we could.

“Yes. I would like that.”

Up until now, I had only been thinking about becoming younger with Reverse Age. My skill level has gone up enough. I had enough options now. I would have to think of good uses for them.

I shook hands with Lodoz and we hit each other’s shoulders.

“Farewell then”

“Be safe, Ajifu.”

I turned on my heels and headed towards the gate.
For Adventurers, such partings were nothing special. It was best to be this casual about it.

When I passed through the gate and turned around, I saw that they were waving to me. I raised my fist into the air in repl. And then I looked ahead and jumped up onto Mulze’s back.

“Now, let’s go.”

Mulze trotted down the road. And without looking back, I raised my hand once last time.

The farther I got from Ranaronwa, the more my surroundings were filled with trees. Though, they were growing in neat rows and were unnaturally straight. This was because of the forestry industry around here.
There were a lot of wooden buildings, and so there was great demand for wood. And so the lumber forest continued for as far as the eye could see.

As we continued along until just before midday, I saw smoke rising up ahead near the road. And when I approached, I saw there was a small clearing where people were preparing food. I supposed I would join them.

“Mind if I join you?”

I asked from atop my horse.”

“There is plenty of space. We don’t mind.”

Came the light-hearted answer. The man appeared to be a lumberjack. There were several other men who wore similar clothes.

“Why are you looking around?”

“Are there no guards here?”

“Ah. There are soldiers who patrol these territories in order to raise their level. And so we rarely see monsters.”

Oh. That sounded hard. But you could not level up by training alone. And thanks to that, these roads were safe.
That being said, the soldiers only patrolled areas where people lived. So I suppose people live here.

I tied my horse so he could drink water, and then I sat down in an empty space. Then I took out Gunat’s lunch.
It was in the style that was common here, where it was wrapped up in a large leaf. Apparently, it smelled good and kept longer.

When I unraveled the leaves, some liquid spilled out.


I quickly raised my hands and then put the lunch on the grass. Damn it.
But when I checked inside of my belongings, none of it had spilled. What a relief. This leaf was rather good.

The lunch contained black bread, marinated and grilled meat and a few baked potatoes. A simple, homely meal.
While rice was quite common here, it was usually eaten with soup. Besides, it was not suited for carrying around. As for this black bread, it was eaten almost everywhere.

The juices from the meat must have spilled out. I picked up the bread and saw that it had soaked some of it up.
And when I took the bread, the leaves shifted, and I saw that there was a folded piece of paper between them that now fell out.

I wondered what it was and so picked up the paper that was stained with meat juices.

‘Thank you for fighting alongside my son.’

It was just one line.

Soggy bread, cold meat and dried potatoes. And yet it turned out to be a very heartwarming meal for me.

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