Seisan Mahoushi – 187

Chapter 187 – A Helper Arrived!

“The Nowa tribe are now able to use magic. So there is no need to worry about that worm.”

Muttered Mette.

We were currently walking in the area surrounding the Nowa tribe village…which had been called Noir Village.

As it was mostly grassy plains, you could see far off into the distance.
Of course, that meant it was easier for others to spot us, and several times, we had boars charge at us.

The cats of the Nowa tribe were also surrounding the boars and defeating them with magic. As Mette said, there was probably no longer any reason to worry about killer worms.

However, they were monsters that were not supposed to be native to this area. On top of that, they were monsters often used by the Demon King. And so I was worried.

Perhaps the Demon King was thinking about expanding its domains to these territories.

Just then, Asuha came from the east.

“Sir Joshua. I have just returned.”
“Thank you, Asuha.”

Asuha had gone to Ymirdia and Fendel Village in order to inform them of the new alliance with the Nowa tribe.

“They intend to start paving a road from Ymirdia immediately. And the village will send food and other supplies.”
“I see. And did Celes say anything about the killer worms?”
“Yes. They were one of the monsters kept by the Demon King, much like the Mopes. Apparently, she is very curious and wants to come here… There she is.”

Asuha turned her head towards Ymirdia.

I turned to look as well, and saw that a cloud of dust was approaching us.

And then the carriage with the shining, purple roof… That was the Mope carriage.

“Baahhh! Stop!”

The carriage arrived in no time.

When the door to the carriage opened, the first person to step out was Ecleshia.

Mette saw her and asked,

“Ecleshia? Why are you here?”
“I heard that there were enemies in the ground. Surely that is my domain?”
“I see. So you are going to use plants to find the worms!”

While I hadn’t said anything, Ecleshia had apparently guessed at what this meant, and had come to help.

Indeed, if we wanted to search for killer worms, we should rely on the help of the Ents. After all, they could freely control the roots of plants.

I turned to Ecleshia.

“But weren’t you busy planting the new seeds? Are you sure about coming here?”
“There is no rush with that. Besides, this matter affects the lives of these residents.”
“Ecleshia… Thank you.”
“Think nothing of it. Besides, I wanted to see the east as well.”

And then, Celes and a few Mopes came out.

“Bahh! We will also cooperate with the investigation!”
“Celes… You Mopes just want to eat grass, right?”

Mette said, and Celes clicked her tongue in annoyance.

“Oh, Mette. Have you already forgotten about what happened in the royal capital?”

Upon hearing this, Mette spoke as if remembering.

“…The signals used between those in the Demon King Army. The skeletons didn’t attack you, and even showed you which road to take.”

Celes nodded.

“Exactly! If we capture just one of them, they might be able to lead us to the enemy base!”
“I see. So you are capable of thinking as well.”
“Do not underestimate us as sheep who only chew on grass! Of course, we shall be chewing on a lot of grass here, regardless!”

Celes said, and then she took a bite as if to taste it. And the other Mopes began to eat the grass as well.

Melk muttered after seeing this.

“The main purpose was to eat grass.”
“Well, well. Now that everyone is here, the investigation should go smoothly.”

Said Iria, and I nodded.

“Aye. Well, we should get started then.”

And so we started the investigation… Or, we were about to, but then Melk’s ears suddenly pointed up as if she had noticed something.

“What is it, Melk?”
“…Celes. Is hiding something?”

Melk said as she turned to Celes.

“Bahh? I’m not hiding anything… No, wait. My back does feel a little heavy.”

Melk said as she dove into Celes’s wool.

Eventually, her head popped out again, along with something else.


Next to Melk, was the small head of a fox.

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