My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 381

We Decided To Visit Ms. Isabelle’s Store

“…Leo. Aren’t you licking a little too much?”

Leo finally stopped and then tilted her head in puzzlement.
Well, it was too late regardless.

“Ah, I knew it.”
“Liza, your face is all sticky now.”
“Because Leo was licking her. Hah…”

And it didn’t help that we had a late lunch, so not much time had passed since Leo ate.
Though, Liza didn’t seem to care, and even seemed happy.

“Well, we can’t keep walking around town now.”
“Indeed. If only there was some place where she could wash up…”

Because Leo was so big, it had even gotten on her fur and ears.
As we wondered what to do, I remembered the route we had taken while coming here.

“Ah, perhaps she could was up at Ms. Isabelle’s store?”
“Isabelle? Yes, she would welcome us. And we won’t have to worry about other people seeing us.”
“Indeed. Since it is close by, we should go and ask her.”

We just needed some water to wash her face and ears.
She would get clean enough with a slight rinse off and toweling.
And she can take a more thorough bath back at the mansion.
Ms. Isabelle was a very intelligent person, so she should have any prejudices against Liza.

“Leo, don’t do that too much, alright?”
“Wuff. Wuff-wuff.”
“Kyaha! Mama!”
“Hehe. They seem to be having fun.”
“Yes. It’s good to see that she isn’t too bothered by what happened earlier.”

We were then just about to head towards Ms. Isabelle’s store, but then we remembered that we had left Nicholas and Johanna behind. And so Ms. Lyra went to go and check up on them.
While we were waiting, Ms. Claire and I watched as Liza and Leo played.
Now that Leo knew that Liza was going to wash up later, she did not hesitate to lick her face… And so I had to tell her to hold back a little, or it would get on her clothes as well.

Still, it was an odd feeling, sitting here with Ms. Claire and watching Liza and Leo.
It was kind of like we were a family. It was our day off, and we took our child and dog on a nice walk…
Obviously, Liza was not my real daughter, and Leo was now a Silver Fenrir. We weren’t even close to a real family.
And as someone who had nothing special, outside of my Gift, I probably shouldn’t even consider the possibility of being with Ms. Claire. Still, the thought still went through my head.

“Mr. Takumi.”
“Hmm? Is there a problem?”
“N-no. Not at all…”
“You sound weird, papa…”

As I had been thinking of such things when Ms. Claire called to me, I couldn’t help but be alarmed.
Calm down… You were just imagining things, and there was a specific reason for why you were here like this.
Even Liza and Leo were laughing at me. And so I had to calm down.

“You were very impressive, Mr. Takumi.”

Ms. Claire suddenly said to me with a smile.
That didn’t help me calm down at all.

“Earlier… Even when Leo was angry, I couldn’t do anything. In the end, it was only because you and Liza were able to act that…”
“Ah… It cannot be helped. It was really hard to move back then. But Leo and I are buddies, so that’s probably what was different.”
“That…may be… But you were also quick to act after that. And I…”
“Well, because people were starting to gather around. I didn’t want them to be afraid of Leo, and so I could only think of getting away. Though, it probably looks quite cowardly. Running away.”

Ms. Claire was impressed by my actions.
And while I was flattered, I also trained every day. So it was not really a surprise.
Besides, I felt responsible for Leo as her owner and buddy.. I didn’t want her to hurt any innocent people.

Perhaps there was something else we could have done, other than running away. But I was not able to think of anything at that moment.
Running was easier than staying and trying to explain or find the cause… It did look pretty bad.
Though, I was also thinking about treating Liza’s injury.

“No, I don’t think so at all. You were able to give Lyra and me directions and you took Liza and Leo and fled. No one else would have been able to act in the same way.”
“Well… Perhaps…”

But it was still mostly because I was dealing with Leo.
Also…I had experienced the orc attack in Range village as well…
Though, Leo would get mad if she knew I had compared her to orcs.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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