Royal Magician – 154

Chapter 154 – Coffee and Syrup

Mr. Shamus did not seem too pleased by my request, but in the end, he nodded understandingly.

Considering someone had been stealing information from them, it made sense that they would not like the idea of asking one of the very suspects for their cooperation.

Still, he had probably allowed it because this was an operation that could not be allowed to fail no matter what.

(Everyone is working so hard in order to save the prince.)

I prepared myself mentally as I walked to Ms. Leticia’s office.

( I too must do everything that I can.)

The problem was that I did not know if Ms. Leticia really was the person who was taking information from the 2nd unit.

The only reason Mr. Shamus suspected her was due to her methods and the way she acted during her time in the 2nd unit.

However, there was nothing suspicious about the way she currently behaved.

‘…Surely you are just overreacting?’
‘You would think that. However, I know Leticia Risettestone from the old days. And so it is impossible for me to not consider the possibility. It is not beyond her. And she would do it without leaving any evidence that connected to her.’

Mr. Shamus’s words were strangely persuasive.
Was it because he had been pursuing numerous cases for many years in the bureau?

Even if there was no proof, I felt that I could not take his opinion too lightly.

(First, I have to find out if it was Ms. Leticia who stole the information.)

In regards to persuading her, Mr. Shamus’s condition was that I could not mention tonight’s forced investigation until I knew for sure if she was the culprit or not.

The date and time of the forced investigation were top-secret that must not be leaked to the outside under any circumstances.

The fewer who knew about it the better.

(I must not leak it, no matter what. And so I have to choose my words carefully.)

I headed to Ms. Leticia’s office.
The 3rd unit’s floor, which I was so familiar with.

However, perhaps it was due to holding a secret…
Now, it felt like a place that I didn’t even know.

(I arrived already. But I’m not prepared…)

Perhaps I should walk a little more and then return.
It was just as I was about to leave.

“Ms. Noelle. Is something the matter?”

I heard the familiar voice from behind me.

The cool and dashing voice of the senior who I looked up to.

It was Ms. Leticia.

Now that she had stopped me, there was no question about running away.

And so in spite of feeling anxious, I soon found myself sitting in a chair in her office.

“If I recall, you like extra milk and sugar, Ms. Noelle.”
“Please let me do that, Ms. Leticia.”
“It’s fine. I like doing it.”

She was as kind as ever as she served the coffee.

However, I was very much on my guard.

(What if there is something else in it?)

What if Ms. Leticia was actually a terrible person.
I did not want to believe it or even think about it.
But the possibility still entered my mind.

(I’m an idiot.)

I shook my head.
She was the person I looked up to and wanted to be like all of this time.

And so I knew that there was no way that she was a bad person.

I lifted the cup of coffee to my lips.
Leticia lifted the corner of her mouth a little.

“So, what is the matter? You seem a little different today.”
“The truth is, I had an opportunity to speak to someone from the 2nd unit. And you came up during the conversation.”
“What about me?”
“They think that you are hiding something. And so I thought that perhaps I can be of help to you.”

When it came to experience, I was no match for Ms. Leticia.
And so I would rely on passion and good will.

She would sense my true feelings.
That’s what I believed.

“Will you tell me your secret? I want to help you.”

Ms. Leticia did not say anything.
The room was quiet.
The smell of the coffee wafted.

“…Very well. I shall tell you.”

She said.

“It is my father. He is pressuring me to get married.”
“I enjoy being alone. I enjoy my work here. I have no interest in getting married. But he will not have it. Says it is not right for someone my age to be single.”
“Tha-that is troublesome indeed.”
“I have a cousin in the 2nd unit, so that’s probably how he found out. The last time he spoke to me, he said he would even welcome a deadbeat son-in-law at this point. Of course, after thinking about it for a moment, he frantically retracted the statement.”
“Your father sounds quite mad…”
“To be honest, it does trouble me. Well, I suppose it happens to everyone who is my age.”

This was a side of her that surprised me.
She was always so calm and composed. And yet now, she came off quite unfortunate indeed.

(Well, having so many facets just makes her more wonderful! She is the best!)

I found myself in awe of Ms. Leticia once again.

(Ms, Leticia is not hiding anything. Someone else is stealing information from the 2nd unit.)

However, that led to another problem.
Mr. Shamus speculated that there were two culprits.

(If Luke is one of them, then who is the other…?)

The question lingered, just like the aftertaste of the fragrant coffee.

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