My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 382

The Confusion Had Died Down

While Ms. Claire was looking at me with admiration, I felt that I had not done much to deserve it.
Still, it was true that a person’s true personality came out during emergencies…
Now that I thought about it, she wasn’t the first person to look up to me in this way.
There was also Tilura.

When we first met, she had been so impressed that I was able to interact with Leo as equals.
As they were sisters, they were alike in a lot of ways.
Regardless, I was both happy and a little embarrassed by Ms. Claire’s words. And like that, we waited for Ms. Lyra to return.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

After some time had passed, Ms. Lyra returned with Nicholas and Johanna.
And I couldn’t help but be relieved to see them again.
Even though Leo seemed like she had enjoyed how awkward I looked while talking with Ms. Claire.

“How were things over there?”
“Yes. After you left, the scene was quite chaotic for some time. Even the town guards rushed the place, but we explained everything to them and the civilians as well.”

So the guards had come… Well, I suppose it wasn’t a surprise, given how many people had gathered.
Perhaps someone had called them, saying that there was a monster going wild.

“And did you also tell them about how Liza was attacked with a rock?”
“Yes. As we had witnessed it as well, we explained it to them. How someone on our side was injured, and that good Leo became angry.”
“The guards said that they will search for the person who threw the rock. After questioning the witnesses, they were satisfied that it was not Leo’s fault.”

Well, I suppose I would leave it to the guards then.
I didn’t want to get involved if I didn’t have to. At worst, it could turn everyone in the slums against us.
Still, I was surprised that it had been so easy to convince the guards, given how Leo had such an effect on everyone there…

“Did they really believe you so quickly?”
“Not all of them… But most of them did. I think it was because some of them had met Leo before… And they had seen how you are with her in town.”
“They saw us?”
“Yes. When you were with His Grace. I think seeing you two together before helped. Because people were watching you.”
“As Nicholas says, there were a lot of people who had interacted with Leo before, and helped persuade the guards that Leo wouldn’t attack people without any reason.”
“I see… Well, that is a relief to hear. However, there were people who had played with Leo there…?”

I had visited this town several times with Leo, and people had seen how friendly she was.
As for the people who had played with Leo… I suppose it was that time in front of Mr. Kalis’s store?
But weren’t all of those people children…?

“Uhh… One person was talking about how wonderful good Leo is…like she worshipped her. She seemed to know Lady Claire as well?”
“Could it be Emerelda?”
“Ah, Ms. Emerelda…”

The name was a little nostalgic.
We had met her when Leo and I first visited Ractos.
She had petted Leo and was completely infatuated by the soft fur.
It was not difficult to imagine how she had started to adore Leo and spread the good news…

As she had helped Nicholas and Johanna in explaining to the guards and the others, I would have to thank her if I ever met her again.
Well, she would be satisfied if she could just pet Leo…
I was relieved that the problem hadn’t been blown out of proportion, and so I listened to the rest of their report as we started to make our way to Ms. Isabelle’s store.
We had to go soon, or it would be quite late by the time we returned to the mansion.

“Huh? This place…”
“Hmm? You know it, Liza? Well, it certainly sticks out. So it’s not too surprising.”

After leaving the plaza and just when Ms. Isabelle’s store came into view, Liza raised her voice while riding on Leo.
As she lived in the slums, perhaps she had seen Ms. Isabelle’s store before.
She still had the same strange hexagram sign and black door. The store looked so different compared to the buildings around it, which made it difficult to forget.

“Do I know it? I’ve been inside several times! It’s where the nice grandmother lives!”
“You know Isabelle?”
“Yes. I visited with my grandfather. I like her, because she was always nice to me!”
“I see…”

So the old man who had adopted Liza had been friends with Ms. Isabelle.
I wondered what business he had here. I suppose I could just ask her.

“Well, you’ll have to stay here, Leo. Sorry, but will you be able to wait quietly?”
“We will do what we can to avoid a scene like earlier.”
“Thank you.”

As always, we had Leo wait outside.
Due to what had happened in front of Mr. Halton’s store, I was a little concerned, but Leo barked and nodded as if to say that I had nothing to worry about.
Nicholas also reassured me with a serious expression.
Besides, surely the same thing wouldn’t happen twice in a row. Besides, Liza would be inside of the building this time.

Johanna would also wait outside and was currently looking at the surrounding area.
There were fewer people here anyway, and I doubted there would be anything like a crowd this time.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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