Seisan Mahoushi – 79

Chapter 79 – Departure!

I gathered everyone inside of the tent so that we could discuss how we could help the elves.

“Giants with bull heads… Minotaurs… Hmm. I have never heard of such things.”

Said Ecleshia the Ent as she crossed her arms.

Ecleshia was very knowledgeable, but even she had not heard of them.

Well, us humans had never actually seen them before either.

“Giants with great axes and monstrous power… Still, why did such a tribe return now?”

Iria wondered.

In fact, we didn’t even know if Minotaurs really existed. And why would they suddenly attack the elves?

On the other hand, it seemed unlikely that Monica the elf would lie to us.
She seemed so serious. And when we found her, she had great wounds on her back. She had certainly been battling something.

“We do not know that, or how numerous this enemy is… And so I am thinking about going and seeing these people of Monica’s tribe.”

Monica had said that she wanted a bow in order to fight. And so the other elves probably wanted bows as well. Though, depending on their current state, perhaps things like clothes, food and shelter were more important. I could make walls, clothes and a well pretty easily.

“Then I will go with you.”

Iria… No, even the others stood up and volunteered to accompany me.

“I am happy that you want to but… I think the elves may be wary if they see so many of us at once.”

After all, they had already disliked any involvement with the outside world.
Even if we were there to aid them, they may not be able to trust us.

Iria nodded but continued with a serious expression.

“But Sir Joshua, it is too dangerous for you to go alone.”
“That’s true, but… Very well. I will have someone accompany me as a guard.”

The problem was, who to take with me.
I had a feeling that it would result in a fight…

But then Iria nodded at the others and turned to me.

“I, Ms. Melk and Ms. Asuha will accompany you.”

Mette and Ecleshia did not look dissatisfied at all. I could understand Celes, who never got involved and preferred to sunbathe outside, but I was a little surprised that these two obeyed so willingly.

My surprise must have shown on my face, and Mette then explained.

“We’ve talked about what to do during such times. Ecleshia and I will take care of things here. After all, the princess is the best fighter, and Melk is the fastest on foot. And Asuha can fly in the sky.”

Ecleshia nodded in agreement.

“And if something happens, we will take the others and come to support you. But for now, we will stay behind and wait.”
“Thank you. Both of you.”

Yes, this really was a serious situation, after all… It was times like these when they were able to work together. I was grateful for that.

“All right… Then we should go at once. If something happens, I will send Asuha to contact you.”

And so it was decided that under Monica’s guidance, we would join the elves.

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