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The Court Magician Who Focused On Support Magic Because His Allies Were Too Weak, Aims To Be The Strongest After Being Banished(味方が弱すぎて補助魔法に徹していた宮廷魔法師、追放されて最強を目指す)
Author: アルト

Chapter 1 – The ‘Useless’ Support Magician

“Today just reconfirms it. This party has no need for an imcompetent magician who can only use support magic. You are fired, Alec Ugritte.”

On the way back from the dungeon.
The words that were unleashed so suddenly were like a thunderbolt on a sunny day for me.

“I am thinking about taking on the thirtieth floor of the dungeon starting tomorrow. However, it will be much harsher than ever before. I’m sure you understand why, court magician, Alec Ugritte.”

Here, where day after day, we made our way through these troublesome dungeons…the Crown Prince of the Gardana Kingdom, Legulus, asked me as if he were speaking to an especially dim-witted child.

It had been the current king of Gardana’s wish, that in order to have prince Lugulus succeed him without any opposition, and to give him weight, that he should conquer this dungeon.
And since I was a court magician, I had been ordered by the king to keep the crown prince alive at all cost. And so I had been helping him as a party member.

Do not allow Legulus to die.
This order meant that I was ever focused on supporting Legulus, who was overconfident in his own ability, as well as his two followers.

Originally, my talents were more suited for frontline attacks rather than support, but I had no choice but to focus entirely on support. But in spite of that situation, these were the words I now received.

I could not even think of words to answer him with.

“It’s because our party has someone as useless as you in it.”

He continued as if to deal a finishing blow.

“My father vouched for you, saying that you were a brilliant magician. But all you do is stay in the back as support. You cannot attack at all, and are of no use.”

He looked at me with great disdain.
However, by then I had returned to myself, and started to frantically object to his words.

“Wait…Your Highness…! Indeed, I apologize for focusing on support magic to such a degree… However, there is a reason for…”
“Hmph. You should just be honest and admit that you focus on support magic because that is all you can do, Alec Ugritte. I had heard that you graduated at the magic academy with high grades and became a court magician, but I now have to assume that it was through the favors of those around you?”

A reason for it…
But before I could say any more, one of his followers interrupted me.

“Oh, dear. You better not go any farther. In fact, turn back. …You are not all you claimed to be. Just say it. You are afraid to go any further into the dungeon.”

Said the other follower with a snort. He was just as sarcastic as Legulus.

“You do not want to go ahead, because you cannot use magic to protect yourself, and can only focus on supporting, isn’t that right? …Really, that won’t do at all. I held my tongue for so long because it was a direct order from His Majesty, but in spite of how generous the king is, I’ve reached my limit. The very idea of taking someone as useless as you to the dungeon…”

…It wasn’t that I avoided using other kinds of magic because I wanted to.
I was just following the king’s orders. I was desperately using support magic in order to keep the prince alive and safe.
And with my focus solely on that, I didn’t have the energy to do anything else.

…However, while we traveled together, I had never used any other kind of magic in front of them. And so they were not likely to believe me.

“So there it is. Do you understand? This party does not need you. Ah, but don’t worry. We will replace you tomorrow with a much more capable magician.”

No matter what I said, the words would not reach Legulus. However, I had to say them.
I had to tell him that he overestimated his own ability. Otherwise, this mistake would lead to the loss of his own life. And it would not be too far in the future.

“Heh. Haha. I cannot wait until tomorrow. After all, instead of someone useless, we will have a genuine, capable court magician with us.”

Isn’t that right? Legulus looked at the other two for approval. ‘Yes, as far as I know, he is the most brilliant of magicians’, they agreed. Judging by what they said, I immediately knew that it was she who had called my replacement.

…However, I could not recall there being a Court Magician who was especially talented when it came to support magic.
Back when I was a student at the magic academy, there had been someone who specialized in support magic, who I would even call a ‘genius’… But that person was now an Adventurer in a far away land.

But unless they dragged out someone like her, then the price to pay for all of this would be fatal.
And so I decided to make an appeal to the king, who was the one who ordered me into Legulus’s party.

Even if Legulus didn’t listen to me, if the king talked to him, things could still…

Thinking this, I parted ways from the two who laughed mockingly, and silently watched Legulus’s back as he left.

And then during that night…
I visited the castle in order to gain an audience with the king. However, I was unsuccessful.

“Please withdraw from here, Sir Alec Ugritte. You have been stripped of your rank as a Court Magician. And as you know, we strictly forbid anyone from entering if they do not belong in the castle. Please understand…”

A useless magician.
Along with this insult, by the crown prince’s very own hand, I had been stripped of my title. And so I could do nothing.

Not only was I unable to speak to the king, but I had lost my position. I was stupified.

But suddenly, as I wandered aimlessly, under the light of the stars scattered across the sky, a voice called out to me.

“…Hey. Is that you? Alec?”

There was a hint of concern in the voice.
But more than that, it felt incredibly nostalgic. I knew that voice.

I had been looking at the ground, but frantically raised my head in order to see who it was.


There was a girl with red hair, who had such a lively presence.

I could not mistake her.
But why was she here? I did not understand.
However, she was one of my friends from the magic academy. I had said what was supposed to be my final farewell to her four years ago… It was Yorha Aizentz.

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A Court Magician Who Was Focused On Supportive Magic Because His Allies Were Too Weak Aims To Become The Strongest After Being Banished

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  1. Well that king seems like a horrible judge of character if he thought his son could actually succeed him. Also how useless is he that apparently he doesn’t even notice that the prince stripped Alec of his title just so he couldn’t inform the king of what happened? I mean the crown prince shouldn’t normally have that sort of authority and even if he did, he would need to fill out a bunch of paperwork and inform people like the king and prime minister so he wouldn’t be able to keep it secret.

    • Thing is with politics and nobles, it’s possible there is a “prince faction” that hid this from the king. I won’t see the king as a horrible judge of character but that the prince being overconfident changed his thinking even more.

      I had a co-worker who changed after getting a higher position and looked down on others. Prince probably thought all the work in the dungeon was his own effort (not knowing how support works).

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