Royal Magician – 62

Chapter 62 – Monster

Frederick Ross, Professor of the Royal Magic University.

He worked in the highest circles in the magic world, and had given his whole life to the development of the magic arts. And he was known to be a person of strong character.

If he should take a liking to someone, then there were only three topics he would discuss.
Magic, cats, and brilliant researchers.

Otherwise, he seemed to dislike most other topics.

Noble society, merchants, dogs, publishers, carrots…
It was said that the number of things he disliked were comparable to the number of grains of sand in the desert.

Even though he himself was a noble, he was known to hate the system and authority his class wielded.
Once, a reporter questioned him during his tirades against the noble class.

“Well then, does that mean you have more favorable views of commoners compared to nobles?”

The professor answered with a bored expression.

“Commoners? I hate them as well.”

He hated everyone equally, unless they happened to be brilliant researchers.
However, the people he hated the most were Royal Magicians.

They were like dogs, tamed by the system. Hardly worthy of even being called magicians.

Frederick had made such declarations publically, and yet, the top officials of the Royal Magicians Order seemed to have taken a liking to him.

But then again, it was very unlikely that such things would be said directly to their faces, and so they were able to just accept Frederick as an interesting and eccentric person.

Perhaps it helped that he disliked most people with equal vigor.
People who were able to treat others without discrimination tended to make a good impression.
Though, in his case, the way he talked to people could sometimes be a problem.

And so in spite of his dislike for them, he would still be invited to speak at the palace.

As for Frederick, he took these classes as an opportunity to do something a little different and refreshing.

In other words, he took great enjoyment from seeing the Royal Magicians squirm in agony at the difficult problems he made them solve.

This gave him a terrible reputation among the participants, and yet somehow, the number of participants rose year after year.
Apparently, after being so thoroughly humiliated once, many of them became obsessed with coming back for some revenge.

Let them try. I will grind them into the dirt.

And like that, the classes became more and more difficult, until even his co-workers at the university had trouble keeping up with him. But it didn’t matter to Frederick.

He never liked them anyway, and so he didn’t care what they thought.

The Royal Magicians looked terrified when the new problems were presented to them.
And Frederick was satisfied.

He expected nothing more from these royal dogs.
It was good for them to confront their own uselessness.

“…I finished it.”

Just then, one magician raised her hand.

What is she saying? He turned his cold eyes towards her.

She was so small, almost like a child.
Frederick had seen her eyes widen when she first saw the problem. She had looked like the biggest fool in the room.

These were all problems that would be difficult even for researchers that specialized in magic formula structures.
She should not be able to solve them in such a short amount of time.

But then his assistant brought over the sheet to him.
Frederick scanned it with a cool expression, and then he gasped.

She had drawn an incredibly clean and beautiful magic circle.

It was an entirely different approach than what Frederick had prepared, and yet, it more than fulfilled what he was asking for.

(How did she do this…)

It was so different from Frederick’s, which was completely based on the rational.

But this was a kind of circle that could have only been reached through long, arduous hours of drawing over and over again until you had polished it to perfection.

(No, it’s impossible. There is no way she could have repeated it so many times at such a young age.)

Frederick had dedicated his life to his research, and even he was astonished at the amount of work that would have gone into it.
Either she would have had to change the speed of time or it would not be possible.

However, even after that, she continued to solve the difficult problems.

And always in a different manner than Frederick’s polished logic.

(Could it be… She really is…)

He had rejected it as impossible at first.
However, as someone who knew more about magic formulas than anyone, Frederick knew.
The thing that he saw in front of his eyes was telling him that it was the truth.

(How many times had she drawn these…)

Frederick was at a loss for words.
She was so short.
However, she was on a different level compared to your average magician.

What was there…
Was an unmeasurable monster who had worked endlessly as time slowed around her.

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  1. This kind of person is called an equal opportunity misanthrope, I guess? It most probably originates from being disappointed by too high expectations in the past.

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