Royal Magician – 55

Chapter 55 – Two Pieces of Paper

“I have read through your report.”

In a room in the Royal Magician Headquarters.
Luke Waldstein answered Leticia’s words.

“Did you find it lacking in some way?”
“It is perfect. Almost too perfect. Leaving the command of your unit to the Unit 5 vice commander and heading off to the dragon alone. It was an admirable decision. A brave one, that kept casualties at a minimum.”
“Thank you.”

Luke bowed his head and Leticia continued in a calm voice.

“However, I feel there is one detail that is not quite true.”

Luke raised his head.
His sapphire blue eyes fixed on Leticia.

“That is not the case. Everything is the truth. I swear it.”
“Yes, you would say that, wouldn’t you? And it is fine. I do not wish to put any blame on you for it. But as your superior, I merely want to know the facts.”

Leticia said as she looked straight back into his eyes.

“You. It wasn’t your job or duty that made you act. You headed towards the dragon in order to protect that girl.”

Luke Waldstein did not answer.
His eyes went towards the window for a moment and then he looked back at Leticia.

“If that is indeed the truth, then will I be punished for it?”
“No. But I am concerned about you. You’re starting to act recklessly.”

Leticia said.

“It is wonderful that you have something so important that you prioritize it above everything else. However, I think you might be going into this too deep. After all, saying that someone’s happiness is your only wish. I never cared for such pretty and idealistic words.”
“It was never my intention for you to care for them.”
“I’m just saying that it is dangerous. Her happiness could end up causing you pain. And yet you do not understand that.”
“I do understand it. I understand it very much.”
“What if she were to go and marry someone else?”

His eyes shifted.
For a moment, Luke Walstein seemed to not know what to say. And then he opened his mouth.

“As long as Noelle is happy.”
“It’s not very convincing with that expression.”

Leticia said with a sigh.

“If you must get drunk on your pretty words, then so be it. However, it is wrong to place your own happiness in someone else’s hands. You should act for your own happiness. Otherwise, you will one day know real pain.”

Luke did not answer.
Leticia then handed him two pieces of paper.

“These are tickets to an opera in the royal capital. A friend gave them to me, but I have no use for them, so I give them to you. I don’t have to tell you what to do.”

She looked at him seriously.

“You must act towards your own happiness.”

And then he was left alone in the room.
He looked down and stared at the two tickets.

For a long, long time.

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