Royal Magician – 102

Chapter 102 – Special Public Training 2

“Bu-but, why…”

I managed to say as my voice shook.

“Apparently, it was set up by some of the royalist nobles who do not look kindly at your achievements.”

Said Ms. Leticia.

“A commoner’s success is not convenient for those who want to protect the rights and privileges of the upper class. Especially since you are not backed by any powerful house. A common girl like you must do more to prove your worth. That is how they feel.”
“…So, my abilities and achievements are insufficient.”
“Don’t let it get to you. Humans just see what they want to see, that is all. Your capabilities are real without a doubt.”

Ms. Leticia sure was nice.
And warm.

“Thank you. While it might be difficult, I shall give it my all.”

I said while looking up at Ms. Leticia.

“So, when will this public training take place?”
“I’m sorry. By the time I heard about it, it was too late to do anything.”

And like that, without any time to prepare myself mentally, I was made to stand in the Royal Magicians Order’s special training area.

The newcomer magician who was a commoner was going to face ten opponents at once.
This very unusual training method attracted the attention of many of the palace inhabitants, and so the spectator seats were filled with nobles and others who worked here.

Why were there so many people…
Why do they want to see it so much? The sight of me being turned into dust…

I already felt defeated before my suddenly decided public execution had even started. But eventually, that emotion turned into a strong desire to cling onto my life.

I had been born and raised in a poor household, and even had to eat grass sometimes.

There would be times when I would blissfully enjoy eating a tingly mushroom, only to find out that it was poisonous. In terms of vitality and toughness, I knew that I could match anyone in the whole palace.

I would not be killed so easily!

I would survive, no matter what I had to do!

And with this strong resolve in my chest, I faced the others.

And so the special training began.

The participants for this special public training session were magicians from a different unit, who also happened to be part of the kingsguard.

Perhaps they had wanted to fight me directly, and see how much a new magician like me could do.

Three were Mithril-Rank, and seven were Gold.
I gulped as I sensed their mana. Strong and refined.

These people were good…

There was no way it would be a fair fight.
If I took them on properly, then I would be killed in an instant.

In other words, my best option for enduring this training for three minutes…was to keep running.

“Spell Boost.”

Support magic that made me move at accelerated speed.
As for my superiors, their choices were precise.

They cast support magic on each other, preparing before unleashing their coordinated attacks.
They must have predicted that I would focus on running, as speed was my strength.

With wide-area magic attacks that were difficult to escape, they began to limit my paths of retreat.

Eventually, I had fewer options.
And before I knew it, it was too late.
I had been chased into a deadend.

…Damn it.

Thunder magic cut through the air.
I was blown off of my feet, and the ground spun around me.

The taste of sand filled my mouth.

I was in awe, once again.

Even though I was clearly below them, they fought with precision, ensuring that they had the advantage.
They never let their guard down, and constantly moved, united, in order to ensure victory in the best way possible.

These were real professionals who had survived severe competition for years.

Anyone who watched and saw the difference in our movements would have been able to predict the outcome.

A one-sided fight.
The difference was so big that it felt pointless to even continue.

…However, these were the kinds of fights that were worth taking on.

‘Who are you calling a commoner! I was able to attend this school because of my mother’s hard work! That is something I am proud of, and I don’t care if your father is a duke! I’ll beat you up a hundred or even a thousand times!’

My heart started to beat faster.
The stronger my opponent, the hotter I burned.

…I was starting to enjoy this.

Now, the real challenge begins.

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