Seisan Mahoushi – 130

Chapter 130 – We Acquired a Blueprint

“Everyone, defeat the skeletons surrounding us! I will deal with that lich!”

I said, and then the others started to fight with the skeletons that surrounded us on all sides.

Liches had magic power that was comparable to the greatest human sorcerers.

First, I unleashed fire magic at the lich, but it easily blocked it with Magic Shield.

And then, as if to boast of its own magic power, the lich unleashed a great burst of fire at me.

I cast Magic Shield and blocked it.

Both the impact and heat of the fire was incredible. Even some of the stone floor was starting to melt.

“What flames. Are any of you hurt?”

I looked around at them, but no one had been injured.
And then Iria and the others assured me that they were fine.

At least magic was something that I could manage to block.
However, the types of magic that we used were different. And so I did not know what kind of magic it would use next.

As for the others, they continued to take down the skeletons that surrounded us.

However, the skeletons seemed to reappear endlessly.
In this situation, Ymir and the dwarves would not be able to deal with any of the traps.

In the first place, the majority of skeletons were probably being summoned by the lich.
That was why I had to defeat it.
Besides, only magic would be effective against the lich.

Of course, I didn’t think Iria or the other’s attacks would be useless against it either.

After all, their weapons had magic power as well.
But while they might be able to inflict some damage, they would also likely be hit if they got too close to the enemy. And more than anything, there was a horde of skeletons between it and us. And then they would also have to break through that thick Magic Shield.

That’s why I have to do it…

Just then, Iria turned to me and said,

“Sir Joshua. Your orders.”

Unfortunately, my power alone would not be enough.
I needed to rely on the superhuman power of Iria and the others.

And so while blocking the lich’s attacks, I told Iria my plan.

After that, I waited for the lich’s attacks to stop, and then I shouted to Asuha.

“Asuha! Unleash wind magic at the lich!”

And then Asuha unleashed her wind magic towards it.
With this sudden burst of wind, the skeletons that protected the lich were blown away, towards the temple.

However, the lich was not blown away. It stayed there, hovering above the ground.

Still, there was now a clear path to it.

I did not waste the opportunity, and made a series of rock walls that one could hide behind while making their way to the lich.

“Iria! Now!”

With sword in hand, Iria rushed towards the lich while using the rock walls as her shield.

And while the lich started to destroy the walls with magic, Iria was already at the next one. She was so fast that it could not keep up with her.

Eventually, the lich seemed to lose Iria entirely, as it looked around the room as if to search for her.

“Good! Melk, cast healing magic around it!”

And then Melk unleashed healing magic around the lich.
Healing magic was effective against undead. However, it could not break through the lich’s Magic Shield.

Just then, Iria appeared right in front of the lich.

“Here I am!”
The lich turned to look at her.

It had seen her, but only for a brief moment.
And so it assumed that it was a fake Iria…a reflection.

It then turned around and cast Magic Shield. However, Iria was not there either.

In the next instant, Iria was behind it, and cut off its head.

The lich’s body and the glass mirror fell to the floor.

At the same time, the majority of the skeletons around us vanished.

“Woah! We did it!”

Mette shouted.

Ymir and the dwarves also came out and cheered.

However, Melk was tilting her head with puzzlement.

“Why did the lich turn around?”
“Because I made something like this. Since we just happened to have some glass.”

I then took out a similar board and showed it to Melk.

The top part was glass and the bottom was made of metal and they were stuck together to make a mirror.

Melk tapped on it.

“Glass. The top is see-through, but the bottom shows my reflection.”
“Aye. The lich saw this and thought it was a single mirror. However, the top part was normal glass. The Iria he saw was real.”
“So it was a double trick. You are really smart, Joshua.”

Melk seemed very impressed.

“We finally acquired some glass, so I had to find a way to use it. Besides, it’s because of your healing magic that the lich was confused and unable to detect the magic energy. That’s why it lost Iria’s location. Obviously, Mette and Asuha defeating the skeletons also played a big part in it.”

I said, and then I turned to Ymir and the dwarves.

They were already searching the walls for traps.
And while there were still some skeletons remaining, Berdos was taking care of them now.

“Good. Now let’s head to the temple then. Ymir, we are going to open the treasure chest!”
“I will go right away!”

And like that, we headed towards the temple.

There, rested a beautiful treasure chest.

“Now, Ymir. Open it up.”
“You really don’t mind if I do it?”
“Aye. I don’t sense any magic energy. And judging by the construction, there shouldn’t be any traps. Of course, you should still avoid putting your hands in right after opening it.”
“Understood! I will open it now then!”

And so Ymir raised the lid of the chest.

There was a scroll inside.

“Is this a scroll? …But I don’t sense any magic coming from it.”

Scrolls usually allow you to learn new spells.
And so they should contain magic energy…

I could currently use the Search spell, but I didn’t detect anything from it.

“In that case, it might just be an ordinary… No, perhaps there is something interesting written on it. Ymir, try spreading it out.”
“Yes! …Huh? What is this?”

The scroll looked like some kind of blueprint.

At a glance, it looked like a ship, but there was also something spherical on top, and what appeared to be wings were extending from the sides. It looked like a ship that could fly.

“A flying ship… Well, it must be important to have it stored like this…”

Still, there was no way that such a thing could be made.
Perhaps it was just the product of someone’s imagination.

“Well, when we get back, I’ll ask the dwarves to help me with it.”
“Yes, that’s what we should do!”
“Aye. In any case, we have completed the dungeon now! Everyone, you did very well.”

And like that, the dungeon expedition was completed.

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