Royal Magician – 101

Chapter 101 – Special Public Training 1

“You want me to accompany the national team?”

Leticia Risettastone heard this after some time had passed since the representatives had been selected.

“Aye. I decided that it would be best to have someone who I can trust accompany them.”

Gawain nodded before continuing.

“A lot of strange things have been happening lately.”
“Strange things?”
“Traces of attempts to remove our little newcomer from the roster. Apparently, there are some nobles who are against a commoner representing them.”
“I see. As people who want to protect their current rights and privileges, a commoner gaining so much support could mean danger.”

Leticia recalled that something similar had happened when Gawain was promoted to Magus-Rank, as he was also of common birth.

Some of the harassment was so bad, and could not be ignored as a mere joke.
There had even been multiple attempts to poison him.

Surely there would have been sleepless nights as he was racked with anxiety and distress.
However, though Leticia had always been close by, Gawain never showed any signs of weakness to her.
Perhaps he knew that to do so would only make his enemies happy.

He just kept getting the best results and proved his worth. And then he found the ringleader who was pulling the strings in the back, and used the enemy’s weakness to his advantage.

“I want to be the last person to experience that. And you can help make that possible.”

Perhaps since he had gone through all that, he did not want the same for a subordinate.
That being said, he was also soft when it came to those he was close to. So perhaps he would have done the same regardless.

“Very well. Do you have any clues based on what they have been doing?”
“There was some strange flow of money. And some of the documents used writing implements from the empire.”
“So you think they are related to this.”
“It is likely. They have already made their first move.”

Gawain continued with a serious expression.

“…There will be a special public training session.”

◇  ◇  ◇

“You are going to accompany us, Ms. Leticia!”

This was wonderful news for me.

I looked up to her, and she had been kind to me ever since I joined.
She already helped me with my training regimen, and had looked after me as a magician more than anyone, and so I could not ask for a better ally to have now that I would be competing.

By participating in the games together, we might even grow closer.

This was my chance to get to know her better!

I grinned at the thought of us walking closely together, and then Ms. Leticia said,

“So, Ms. Noelle. There will be a public training session.”
“Public training?”
“Yes. And there will be a special regimen just for you.”
“Just for me…”

The words touched me deeply.
Not for Luke or Ryan, but me…!
That must mean they had incredibly high expectations!

“Please leave it to me! I shall not disappoint you!”

Ms. Leticia would be watching from the side, and so I must do my best to get good results.

I was so excited that I did not realize it.

The reason that Ms. Leticia had looked apologetic as she said it…

“And so, about what training you will actually be doing…”
“Yes. What will it be?”
“You will have to survive battling ten Gold and Mithril-Rank Royal Magicians for three minutes.”
“I see. Ten Gold and Mithril-Rank magicians.”

Yes, yes. I nodded to her, and then…


I stood still, not being able to accept the reality.
The others around began to talk.

“What are you thinking! And during such an important time!”
“Shorty is the treasure of the 3rd unit!”
“It’s because of this kid that we’ve been able to brag to the other units recently!”
“Ten against one is not a fair battle! She will be annihilated without leaving a trace!”

I…am going to be erased from existence…
Without leaving a trace…

“There is nothing that I can do about it. Before I knew it, the decision had been made.”

At Ms. Leticia’s words, my coworkers looked shocked, but they then rushed to me and shook me by the shoulders.

“Please! Please don’t die! At least not without leaving a trace!”
“As long as some scrap of you is left, we can try to bring you back to life!”
“Please! Just a little! Just survive a little bit, so that we can continue to gloat about your achievements…!”

Ah, I am going to die.

This sudden announcement of my end caused me to freeze with my eyes rolled back into my head.

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