Seisan Mahoushi – 129

Chapter 129 – It Was A Boss!?

“This place…”

I looked through the hole that had opened up in the wall.
There was a staircase that went further downwards.

However, it looked different compared to the previous passages and stairs. There was a red carpet laid out, and candle holders on the walls. There was even an extravagant chandelier on the ceiling, though no light came from it now.

A hidden room in a dungeon.
That’s what it felt like.

“Powerful enemies usually appear in places like these. Perhaps we should just seal it and leave.”
“But we came all of this way. Surely it would be better to just go in?”

Mette said. And the others nodded in agreement.

“Then that’s what we’ll do… While I cannot detect any magic energy now, I think an enemy will probably be summoned the moment we reach the bottom. I will cast Magic Shield as I descend, so everyone else should follow behind me. Ymir and the dwarves should continue to check the walls.”

So saying, I started to descend the staircase.

But as we made our way down, no skeletons appeared.
And though Ymir and the dwarves continued to peel away the stones on the walls, they did not find any traps.

Was this just the calm before the storm? Perhaps a boss monster was waiting for us at the bottom.
And maybe in the farthest depths, there would be a hidden treasure…

I felt a mixture of expectation and anxiety in my chest as we advanced. And then finally, the end of the staircase came into view.

As expected, it was connected to a bigger chamber.

“It will be dangerous from here. Berdos, you guard the entrance. Mette and I will take the advance guard. Melk will focus on healing, Asuha and Iria, do as the circumstances demand.”

Everyone nodded at this.

And so with Magic Shield in front of us, I descended to the bottom of the staircase.

In front of my eyes…was not darkness, but a vast, dim area.

Just as we had stepped in, lights had appeared on the walls and ceiling.

It was such a large area considering it was underground.
The ceiling was as high as a two-story building.
And the place was also about fifty beters wide.

In the far back, there was a structure that looked like a temple. And inside, there was a box that sparkled with decorations.

Ymir raised her voice.

“Ohhh! A treasure chest!! We must open it at once!”
“How obvious. Clearly something will happen if you go close.”

Said Melk, and I nodded.

“I wonder what kind of trap it is… Ymir. I will open the chest, so you stay and wait with Berdos.

And so I stepped foot into the great chamber.

While cautiously checking my surroundings, I moved closer, step by step.

And then, I detected the movement of magic energy in the center of the room.

“It’s…coming! Up ahead!”

I shouted, and everyone raised their weapons.

Eventually, something that was covered in rags appeared.

“A lich!”

Liches were undead sorcerers.
While it was another skeleton, they could use magic. There were also other undead who could use magic, like wizard skeletons, but a lich was far more powerful.

“All of you. This one is immune to everything but magic.”
“What about magic weapons?”

Iria asked, and so I nodded.

“It should work. However, this is no ordinary enemy.”

The lich had tremendous magic energy inside of it.
Already, there was a thick wall of magic around it. The same Magic Shield that I often used.

After that, the lich raised one hand and unleashed a black mist. The mist began to spread, summoning skeletons all around the room.

And unlike the previous skeletons we had fought, these were all wearing heavy armor. They also had great shields and swords.

In the blink of an eye, we had been surrounded.

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