Seisan Mahoushi – 114

Chapter 114 – We Left a Message!

I awoke to the sounds of seagulls and crashing waves.

“Hahh…it’s morning.”

While I had made pillows and blankets for everyone, they had all gathered around me to sleep.

Wiz always acted as my pillow, and was now patting me on the head as if to say good morning.

“Wiz. Good morning… I see that everyone else is still asleep. Huh?”

As I sat down near the gate, I noticed Berdos.

“Berdos. You didn’t go to sleep? Uh, Berdos?”

Berdos’s eyes were open and he was looking towards me.

“Hmm? Ah, good morning, Joshua.”
“You didn’t sleep?”
“Hardly. I was sleeping up until a moment ago. Of course, my ears and eyes continued to move. This is how we sleep.”
“I didn’t know that you could do that… Well, in any case, thank you for watching the area. But it would have been a lot more comfortable to sleep on the blankets.”
“Then I shall try them next time. By the way, Asuha left earlier.”
“Perhaps she is scouting out the area around the island. I should go to the lighthouse as well.”

And so I went out with Wiz and climbed up the lighthouse.

From there, I stared out at the area around the island.

It was another day of clear skies and gentle waves.
It would probably be fine to send out the ship.

“However, the shore seems to continue on forever. Now that I think about it, I should take some of the sand back with us. Perhaps we can make glass.”

While the houses in Fendel village had window frames, they were just filled with wooden boards.
If we could make glass windows, then we would be able to allow the outside light to come in while keeping out the cold. Leaving the windows open all of the time would also allow bugs to come in, and so I wanted some of the houses to have proper windows.

Thankfully, the eastern shore that we were headed to had a lot of sand.
We should surely be able to acquire some sand that was suited for glass making.

“In any case, I’ll make as many buildings as I can while we’re here.”

And so with Wiz, I built four houses around the lighthouse.

I also made roads paved with stone that led to the sea, where I extended a pier. And on the pier, I added a bollard, so that ships could be tied to it with a rope.

“Good, good. Now ships will be able to dock here when necessary.”
“Si-sir Joshua. Good morning!”

Iria said frantically as she dashed towards me.

“Morning, Iria. Did you sleep well?”
“Yes. Though, usually I notice right away when you wake up…”
“Perhaps it was the comforting sounds of the waves. I was also a little late in waking up.”

As we said such things, Asuha appeared from up in the sky.

“Sir Joshua. Good morning.”
“Morning, Asuha. Were you scouting out there?”
“Yes. Around the island, especially to the west. Though, I saw no strange movement in particular.”
“I see. In that case, we do not have to worry about the lizardmen anymore. So we can continue to go along the east coast a little… But first…”

I headed toward the door of one of the houses I had built earlier.

By the door, I left the reed clothes that the child had dropped, and the wooden board that they had given to Fletta.

And inside of the house, I left some smoked meat, fish and a few barrels of hard bread.

“Now that the kraken is gone, the child might return to this island. And if they see the clothes and board, they will know who it was that was here.”
“And perhaps they will think that we are friendly when they see the food.”
“Aye. Perhaps they gave Fletta that wooden board, because they wanted someone to do something about that underground lake that they lived in.”

It would be best if they returned on their own.
But if we met them somewhere else, I would tell them that peace had returned to the island.
Of course, I also wanted to see if we could cooperate with each other.

After that, we left the White Sand Island behind us, and continued to sail along the east coast.

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