Seisan Mahoushi – 113

Chapter 113 – A Wonderful Night Spent On The Island!

“That should do it.”

I said as I looked at the one-story house that I had built near the lighthouse.

After the Lizardmen had left, I had gathered the Shield Shell and kraken carcasses, as well as the trees that had been torn down by them.

And with those trees and rocks that were lying around, I had been able to build this house. We would be able to rest and sleep inside.

In the meantime, Mette and the others caught fish and prepared a meal.

Right now, there was a fire blazing in front of the house, and a simmering pot over it.
And around the fire, there were skewered fish and bread stuck into the ground.

As Mette looked to see if the fish was ready, she noticed me and turned her head.

“Oh, Joshua. Is it finished?”
“Aye. I made some bedding and furniture as well. You can sleep whenever you like.”
“I see. The fish have finished cooking. We should eat before sleeping.”

Mette said, and then everyone gathered excitedly around the fire.

Even Asuha, who had been circling the island from the sky, came down.

“There are no signs of anyone returning to this island. Also, I’ve been receiving regular reports from the village, and they say that everything is fine. However, after what happened earlier, I have told them to send more people, so we can contact each other more often.”
“I see. That is reassuring.”

I had been worried about the village, but they were doing just fine without us.

“And we don’t have to worry about the Lizardmen for now. Asuha, let’s eat.”

And so I sat down on a log in front of the fire. I couldn’t help but sigh.

…In the end, the Lizardmen had not returned. Same with the Shield Shells that they controlled.

However, how did they control them? And the kraken…
Could it have been Kyuby, who had also manipulated the Minotaurs?

In any case, there was something different about the Demon King army these days.

As I wondered about such things, a roasted fish appeared in front of my face.

“Joshua. Eat this before it gets cold.”
“Huh? Oh, uh, thank you.”

I accepted the roasted skewered fish and bit into it. The flesh was soft and white on the inside, while the skin was crispy and delicious.

“Oh, this is great. It’s cooked perfectly.”
“I’m glad to hear you say that. We’re still cooking more, and there is soup in the pot as well.”

Mette said happily. And then she passed the skewered fish, bread and soup to the others as well.

They must have used Celes’s milk for the soup.
It was very rich, and suited this kind of seafood soup.

Sea fish were a little saltier, and not bad at all. The smell was less mild than river fish, and they tended to be larger.

As I mused over this, I noticed that Iria was sitting next to me with a strange expression.

“Hmm? What is it, Iria?”
“Oh, nothing. But you had such a serious look on your face, that I was a little worried. If there is anything that I can do to help, please tell me.”
“Ah, thank you. But you and the others are already a tremendous help.”

That’s right. If Iria and the others were here, then I wasn’t afraid of anything.

The old me would have despaired if he saw that kraken and so many Shield Shells. Even the Lizardmen, as they were much stronger than humans.

However, we were able to make them retreat.
Even Kyuby had backed off, realizing that he was no match for us.

And I intended to continue to think of different countermeasures.
But there was also no need to be too worried.

Right now, I should think of happier things.

“Still, this really is a nice island. The view is great, and the beach is beautiful. I wish the village children could play here.”

And then Monica answered.

“I would have liked to bring Fletta and Moo as well. And the others of my tribe have also never seen the sea before.”

Berdos nodded in agreement.

“I would also like to bring the dwarves! They have never seen a place with so much water.”
“They will be surprised at how salty it is.”

Ymir and Mette muttered.

Mette was cooking more fish as she nodded her head.

“These sea fish are delicious in a different way. It will be nice if the fishermen can camp out here.”
“Even for us Ents, the plants here are very interesting. Because we haven’t had much contact with plants that are close to the sea. I would be happy if my friends could visit this place.”

Said Ecleshia.

All of the tribes had never seen the sea.
And so I wanted this place to not only be for defense and to keep watch, but for people to be able to live and play as well.

“In that case, I will build more houses and storage sheds tomorrow. Also, perhaps a dock. And then we can all head to the east.”

I said, and everyone agreed immediately.

After that, we all ate to our heart’s content. And while gazing at the sea and starry sky, we fell asleep before we knew it.

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