Royal Magician – 139

Chapter 139 – Magician Slayer

“The prince has acted. And there are people from other factions who are interested in her as well.”

Royal Magicians Order Headquarters.
Ernest Meterlink, captain of the 1st unit, was in an office that was protected by eighteen layers of barriers.

He was one of the best magicians in the kingdom when it came to creating barriers.

As he was the most important person, there were only a few who were allowed to enter his office.

And the large man in front of him was one of those few.

The mana was so dense that the air seemed to distort.
Gawain Stark, captain of the 3rd unit.
The greatest fire magician in the kingdom.

“Everyone realizes her potential now.”
“Well, it’s no wonder, after everything she has done. The World Trophy has a lot of influence on the world.”

Ernest said calmly.

“The problem is that some people will want to eliminate her. As a woman of common origin, she will unwittingly provoke both domestic and foreign nobles. Furthermore, as demonstrated by the attempted revival of the ancient dragon in the sealed city, the lurking entities in the world’s underbelly will also become more active.”
“High magic skills and unprecedented potential. Those who want to target this country will certainly become busier.”
“It will be necessary to strengthen the organization’s structure at once. It seems that the selection of the eighth Magus-Rank magician, the first in the history of the kingdom, and the establishment of the 7th unit, will be sooner than expected.”
“Currently, Shamus Glass of the 2nd unit is the best candidate.”
“Indeed. And then there is Leticia Risettestone. Also Ryan Archbullet and Percival Pullman.”
“What about Luke Waldstein?”

Ernest looked at Gawain quietly.

“We are not so desperate that we need to count on those who are wounded. There are other capable magicians.”

While he objected to it, there was also another meaning in those words.

(If he heals quickly, then there is a possibility.)

“In such circumstances, today, something happened to greatly shake the world situation.”

Ernest spoke in a low voice.

“Evangeline Runeforest, the ‘Queen of Spirits,’ was attacked during her visit to the western region of the imperial territory. The assailant is currently on the run. Evangeline is missing, and there is a high possibility that she may no longer be in this world.”

Gawain’s eyes widened.

“…That is not a funny joke.”
“It is the truth. Several sources have confirmed it.”
“She is not the kind of person who can be killed.”
“Apparently, the assassin had an ancient relic that seals the target’s mana. It is called a Magician Slayer.”

Gawain was silent for a moment.

“Well, I suppose it is possible then.”
“We have strengthened the security measures in the capital city and tightened the control over the dungeon relics, but even so, there are limits to what we can do.”

Said Ernest.

“It is time to prove our worth. We will fulfill our duty as Royal Magicians.

Evangeline Runeforest had been attacked and was now missing.

That news quickly spread among defense personnel across the Western continent.
To avoid causing panic, it seemed that each country was making efforts to withhold information from the public. However, in some nations, rumors and misinformation had already started to circulate.

‘She actually did it herself, and the empire is covering it up.’ Or, ‘this is all a conspiracy that she has set up.’ It was sad how much false information was out there.

(I do hope that she is alright.)

On the way back that day, it was arranged for members of the Royal Knight Order to escort me.
Having demonstrated my skills in the World Trophy, I had been deemed to be a potential target, similar to Ms. Evangeline.

And so as a precaution against the special relic called the ‘Magician Slayer,’ which was said to be used in the attack, two elite members of the Royal Knights Order were assigned to me.

It was reassuring to have their support, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy about them going to such lengths for my protection.

“Rest assured. We will ensure your safety, Ms. Noelle.”

Said the two knights.
Just by the way they walked, I could tell that they were skilled fighters. And I could not help but be impressed as we made our way down the dark streets.

“It must be scary for you to walk down here at night when you’re alone.”
“No, not really. After all, I can beat most people with a good punch.”

The knight’s eyes widened.

(Oh! Perhaps that’s not the right answer for a girl!)

I quickly thought of something else to say.

“Oh, yes, indeed. I am so terribly frightened. I cannot overcome the strength of a man, after all.”
“I see. Yes, I thought it must be hard.”

Well, judging by his satisfied expression, that was the right answer.

(Hehe! It’s easy once I get serious!)

My mother always said that I didn’t know how to be a lady. If only she could see me now.

(It’s true that I am a dashing and powerful woman. But if I want to, I can be a delicate lady as well.)

But as I thought about such things with a smug expression…


I suddenly sensed something and stopped.

It was a moonless night.
The city was shrouded in darkness.
But my wild instincts that had been sharpened in the countryside, were now telling me something.

(Something is here.)

“…Ms. Noelle?”

The knight seemed puzzled that I had suddenly stopped.


I said, and grabbed the collar of the knight and dragged him to the ground.
Immediately after, a rain of bullets shot over us and hit the wall.

There was no time to think.
I instantly activated Spell Boost, and pulled the knight away so that we were out of the enemy’s sight.

Then I used a hardening spell to strengthen the wall, and made sure that we were safe.

(There are twenty to thirty of them. They are using what must be the latest illegal magic staves that were developed in the east.)

I used a hand mirror to look behind me.
The other knight also managed to hide himself.

(They are the elite, after all.)

I sighed with relief, and then selected attack magic for a counter attack.
But as I took aim, I noticed something.

(The formula does not activate.)

I was not able to use the support magic or enchants that I had been able to a moment ago.

(This must be the Magician Slayer that was used in the attack against Ms. Evangeline.)

I didn’t know what the area of effect and activation requirements were, but it was clear that I was within range of it.

(The situation puts me at a great disadvantage. In any case, I must get out of the relic’s influence.)

The most effective measure was to get some distance from it. But as I tried to do so, I noticed the enemy’s movements, and was shocked.

(They are reading me…)

And so I knew that the enemy had launched this attack after planning it thoroughly.
No matter how quickly I decided something, it would be too late to get through this net, which they had planned in advance.

And so the attack magic I tried to activate ended up dispersing in the air without making as much as a breeze.

(Damn it…!)

A group of enemies with magic staves.
It was a hopeless situation.
The countless magic bullets.

As I sensed defeat and held my breath, something flashed before my eyes. A wind that cleaned out everything in its path.

The sword slashes were so fast that they looked like flashes of light.
Even though I could not see him, I could feel who it was.

The captain of the Royal Knights Order.
The strongest knight who I had faced in battle one.

The Holy Blade, Eric Rushford.

A number of other knights had also appeared, and they were now fighting off the enemy.

(Where did they come from…)

I had not sensed them in the area at all.
However, the answer came immediately.

Air Blaze.

A beautiful woman in a dress stood on top of a chimney, with the backdrop of a full moon peeking through the clouds. Space and spirit magic.

“If I cannot use magic within the area of effect, then I just have to activate it while outside. I’m too intelligent to be caught with the same trick twice.”

She said with a confident smile.
And the continued in an excited voice,

“I have come to help you, Noelle, my friend!”

It was the carefree elf queen.

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