Cave King – 173

Chapter 173 – We Arrived at the Great Temple!?

“Amazing! Isn’t it more shiny and golden than the Sheorl underground?”

Fule looked down from the Cave Spider and let out an astonished cry.

We were currently within the cluster of ancient temples within this country called Arancia.
Though, it felt more like being in a city.
The roads were wide enough for six carriages to pass through at the same time, and there were high buildings that must be ten stories tall. All of this suggested a high level of technical ability.

The scale of the Sheorl undergrounds were impressive as well, but since Orichalcum was used here in the buildings and streets, they looked more luxurious.

I couldn’t see a single scratch on the roads though, which suggested no one had been able to cut it out. Even the buildings showed no signs of having been taken apart.

On the other hand, there was not a single thing left that looked like it could be picked up and carried. Not even a flower pot. This was likely because the royals and thieves had picked the city clean.

“But with this much Orichalcum…”

I could dig it out, and Mappa could use it.
And then the people of Arancia would be able to make powerful weapons.

However, this was a temple.
Even though it was now considered to be a pagan place, there were likely still people who saw it as a place of worship. And so it was a difficult dilemma.

Regardless, it was more important to get Mappa out safely…

“…Oh, the magic energy started moving all at once.”

Perhaps it had noticed us, or perhaps it was Mappa they noticed. But the spots of magic energy I sensed all over the city began to move.

Haines’s nose rose into the air as he said,

“The smell of bones is in the air. And there are so many…”

Judging by what Haines said, they were likely a great host of skeletons.

“Brother, let’s go on ahead and crush them.”
“Aye. Mappa has likely been surrounded and will have to slow down. It’s our chance to catch up with him. Lord Heal, your permission.”

Ashton said as he turned to face me.

While Taran and the Cave Spiders were not slow, they still did not match the Kobolds.

And unlike the field we were in earlier, it was easier to get ambushed here. Besides, Mappa might be attacked by the skeletons. So it would be best to leave it to these two.

“Very well. But I want you to stay just within sight. That way, I’ll be able to cast Shield on you as we advance.”
“Lord Heal…understood. Let’s go!”

Ashton and Haines accelerated all at once.

They had already been going quite fast, and looked tired. But it seemed like they were running at full speed now for Mappa.

And so I cast Shield on them as we continued.

However, we were also in danger.

“Woah!? Arrows are coming down!?”

Fule quickly cast Shield on herself as arrows started falling from the sky above.

Apparently, they were targeting us from the roofs of the buildings. And not just the roofs. Arrows and stones were flying from the windows as well.

Ashton and Haines were subjected to the same attacks. And then a wall of armed skeletons appeared in front of them as if to block their path.

But Ashton and Haines unsheathed their scimitars, and without losing any speed, they cut down the skeletons.
Perhaps they were able to move so boldly because I was casting Shield on them. But even so, their prowess in battle was very impressive.

However, there was nothing that they could do about the enemy inside of the buildings.

“So-so many of them are attacking! It was not like this before!”

Guardian Ogus blocked the attacks from all sides with his shield as he advanced. On the other hand, Vanessa was using magic to fight back.

As Fule and I were concentrating on casting Shield, it was difficult for us to launch counter attacks.
And so it was necessary for us to get out of this situation as soon as possible.

“That Mappa…wait a minute…”

Mappa and his metal horse had not slowed down at all. Not only that, but the metal horse was unleashing some kind of beam of light, which seemed to be attacking enemies above and in front of him.

Fule’s eyes widened.

“I-is that magic?”
“It must be, since I can sense magic energy. Perhaps it uses a magic stone…”

But it was still no magic that I had ever heard of.

As I thought this, the enemy attacks seemed to decrease.
Apparently, we had broken through the district that was the most thick with enemies.

After that, I could sense Mappa’s energy stopping.
He seemed to have gotten off of his metal horse.

“Alright! Now! Wait for us, Brother Mappa!’

Haines’s voice echoed. And they ran even faster towards Mappa.

However, Mappa was fast when he wanted to be as well.

And he rushed inside a dome-shaped building that was larger than any other inside of the city.

“What is that…”

It was a giant building in the exact center of the city.
There were pillars and arches in the decorated walls, and statues of people with heavy builds, much like dwarves. And all of them, without exception, wore something like a crown.
There was no doubt that this was a palace or some place related to dwarven royalty.

Ogus looked at them and muttered.

“The great temple… The greatest in all of Zenranbara.”

However, Ogus continued.

“There is nothing in there but a golden throne-like seat in the center. Why would this Mappa person want to go in there?”

I couldn’t sense any magic.
There were likely no skeletons either.

But Mappa had gone straight towards it.
There must be something there then.

We then arrived at the entrance to the temple, and then went inside in order to follow Mappa and Ashton and Haines, who had already entered.

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  1. Lot of crowned people carved into the walls, built into statues, and a big throne inside… this must have been an ancient temple…. I guess this is to be expected from people who burned down their world trees, without being dragons.

  2. Mappa must be uncovering something about his people, he is a royalty after all. It must be a castle rather than a temple right?

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