Makai Hongi – 213

Chapter 213

Not much was known about Lesser High King Yamato.
But his name was known by everyone.
He was famous enough that every resident of the Demon World would have heard about him at least once.

He was a powerful being that had nearly united the Demon World thousands of years ago.
You could look at every corner of this world, past and present, and would still not find anyone who could surpass him.

“I heard this from King Bargman. King Yamato appeared out of nowhere.”

“Out of nowhere?”
Was he transferred from another world?

“Up until then, he was unknown. He had likely just evolved. And having undergone a special evolution, he wanted to test his power. He left his home and traveled from country to country and searched for strong opponents. That’s what King Bargman said.”

“That’s very bold… So then, King Yamato didn’t belong to any country in the beginning?”
Like how General Farneze and I were Lesser Demon King Melvis’s subordinates.

And General Miralda worked under Demon King Tralzard.
In order to live in the Demon World, you had to work under someone.

If you didn’t, then you would be treated like an outsider no matter where you went. And that was not a safe way to live.
You either had to receive the protection of someone or take a country for your own. There was no other way to be accepted by your neighbors.

“It seems to be the case. At least, when King Bargman first met him. However, King Yamato was already very powerful at that point.”

I suppose he was an independant force then. He gathered subordinates as he pleased and continued to move. His men would have known that their master would go on to do great things, and so they followed him.

“That’s surprising. King Bargman was acquainted with King Yamato that far back.”

Great Demon King Bargman and the wandering, independant army. Where did they meet?
Surely Bargman would still be a Demon King back then, at the very least.

“King Yamato and King Melvis met even earlier. After all, I heard that their first encounter resulted in a great fight.”

“It’s…incredible that he survived. So I suppose they made up after that?”
What were they doing anyway?

“No, no… According to King Bargman, they remained enemies for quite some time. They were both the violent type, and so perhaps they didn’t enjoy seeing someone so similar to themselves. Yes, they fought for a very long time.”

A great fight between Great Demon King Melvis and the future Lesser High King. I would have loved to see that.
But perhaps spectators would die from the shockwaves that would erupt.

It was said that Yamato went from country to country and people followed him. So he must have been terribly charismatic.
Being prone to violence was just one side of his character.

The more followers you had, the more power would flow from the Orb of Control.
So perhaps he was already in the Lesser Demon King class by that point.

However, he should have still been far from Bargman or Melvis.
So how had Yamato and Melvis fought on equal footing?

He would have had to make up for it in a way that was unrelated to mana.

“Apparently, he and King Melvis clashed many times. Eventually, King Bargman became King Yamato’s subordinate, and the balance of power shifted greatly. It was around that time that there was a disturbance in the Demon World.

The appearance of this new powerful leader was most disconcerting to the elders of the world.
It was the beginning of the age of warring kings.

It was my opinion that Yamato had intended for this to happen.
Create chaos in the Demon World and become stronger.

No matter how strong he became, it would all be over if they decided that he was a nail that needed to be hammered down.
If several Demon Kings formed an alliance to take him down, he would be hard pressed.

“So it was King Yamato who created the chaos.”
“Ultimately, yes. And so King Melvis finally became King Yamato’s subordinate, and the situation in the Demon World became concrete. No one had been able to defeat him.”

Yamato continued to expand his forces with a lineup that includede Bargman, Melvis and other powerful people.
Eventually, he rose to Lesser High King, and he began work on uniting the Demon World.

However, it was not to be.
This was because of the invasion from the Celestial World.

“The Demon World was peace itself while King Yamato ruled. It was said that there was no division, internal discord, or disaffection in the lands that he controlled. They had no notable enemies, and he was so close to unifying all the lands.”

“But it was thwarted by the invasion.”

“Indeed. Well, I have already told you all I know about that. King Bargman didn’t know much himself. …Yes, yes. About what King Bargman told me. The name, Yamato Takeru no Mikoto.”

“That was the name of his race?”

“King Yamato’s race has always been shrouded in mystery. We know that he underwent a special evolution, but we don’t know the name of his original race. After all, he had no unique characteristics.”

I had heard that before. There was nothing about him that stuck out.
My guess was that he appeared similar to a human.

“It’s impressive that King Bargman was able to find out about it.”

“He was thinking about his successor. If you want to establish your race, then you must have children. However, if you are an Origin, then you have to know what race you came from. Or you cannot have children.”

“I see…”

For instance, I was part of the Demon species. And since I was originally an Ogre, I would be able to have children with other Demons.

If I wanted strong children, it would be better to choose High Ogres instead of Ogres.
Leaving that aside, it was only natural for Yamato to determine what race he was when thinking about successors.

And so Bargman must have made a suggestion.

“Apparently, King Yamato was not enthusiastic. He said that ‘Yamato Takeru no Mikoto’ would end with his generation. It was something that he muttered one day.”

The name Yamato and the race Yamato Takeru no Mikoto.
It was possible that Bargman had just misheard him.

However, to me, it was a possible name.
And so I was quite sure that he hadn’t misheard.

This was someone who had appeared suddenly, used his immense charisma to gain followers, and become powerful enough to fight enemies with more mana than him.
And his race was Yamato Takeru no Mikoto.

I desperately wanted to know who this person was.

“Now that I think about it, there is something else that I heard. King Melvis said that the research institution Enra were trying to get King Yamato’s magic stone.”

“Just his? And how did King Melvis know that?”
Magic stones were our Orbs of Control.

When the celestial beings come for them, was it quantity that was important, or quality?
Was there a reason that it had to be from Yamato?

“King Melvis would have fought many great enemies from the Celestial World. And so there would have surely been opportunities to learn such things.”

“The celestial beings that I fought were all silent.”
They didn’t say why they were there. They just attacked us with blank expressions.

I could tell that they just saw our lives as sources of energy. As tools. And so I was angry.

“King Melvis seemed to know more about King Yamato, compared to King Bargman. And about the Celestial World as well.”
“I see.”

“But you won’t be able to ask, due to this long sleep… Well, I wouldn’t want him to wake up anyway.”
“I suppose so. He might be the king of my own country, but all the stories I hear make him sound terrible.”

I didn’t want to be glared at by someone who easily destroyed towns. I would probably die.

“Then I will tell you about what happened after King Yamato disappeared. About King Melvis, who was left behind.”

Tralzard said with a weak sigh.
I could see how much she still feared Melvis.

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