Cave King – 115

Chapter 115 – We fought the old man!!


“This is bad!”

I said as I created a powerful Shield in front of us, right before the man’s face hit us.

However, once he saw that there was a shield, the old man suddenly changed directions.

It moved away and then landed at the top of one of the towers. 

“Is…that a Chimera?”

Fule asked. Well, it had four legs like a Chimera. And it had a lion’s mane. However, it was bald on the top of its head…

Still, I couldn’t see any snake-tail or the head of a goat on its back.

This creature had a thorny tail and the face of a human man. These were not features you would find on a Chimera.

“No, that’s not a Chimera… It’s a Manticore!”

Aries muttered. And so I turned to her.

“A Manticore?”

“Yes. Though, I have never seen one before. They are said to have poisonous needles on their tails, and they attack with sharp claws and fangs. They are much more dangerous than a Chimera!”

Shiel nodded as if to agree with everything that Aries said.

“I see. That’s why even the Chimera were frightened. Still…”

The Manticore was looking at us with an expression that seemed very sad.

Not only that, but it let out groaning sounds like ‘Uuuuuu…’ and ‘ooooooo.’

…I wished that it wouldn’t do that.

But after a moment, the Manticore suddenly let out a great howl, ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!’

And then it pointed its tail at us and unleashed its needles.

“The poison needles!?”

They weren’t just poison needles.

Some were as long as spears, but others were the size of sewing needles.

And now they were coming down on us like rain.

However, Shield was still able to stop every single one of them.

The needles sparkled as specks of light when they bounced off. It was clear that they were magic, and not real needles.

However, the attacks kept coming.

That Manticore’s magic reserve was immense. If it attacked only with magic, it would be able to repeat the last attack many, many times.

“Damn it…I’ll have to take it down then.”

It was hard to be enthusiastic about it, when it had such a human-like face.

And one that looked so sad… You could feel a sense of loneliness from it.

As I thought of such things, the Manticore moved away from the tower.

Perhaps it had realized that it could not break through my Shield, and now it was jumping towards us while firing its needles.


It was so fast that I wasn’t able to react in time.

Perhaps being protected by the Shield had made me lower my guard.

The Manticore was close to us now.

It charged towards the Shield and…rammed its head right into it.


It let out a cry of pain. Then it slid down the shield as if wiping it clean.

It landed on the ground with a great earth-shaking thud.

Then it rolled onto its back and held its head.

“It self-destructed…”

“Uh, I knew that they were not the smartest of creatures…but I didn’t know it was this bad…”

Fule and Aries were both stunned.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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