Realist Demon King – 106

Hit hard and it will echo loudly, hit soft and it will echo quietly


We returned to the carriage and prepared to drink.

Ryoma, the half elf said, ‘In Tosa, it’s good manners to drink while talking.’ But while there was a lot of food stored in the carriage, there wasn’t much drink.

This was because I didn’t drink much myself. And as for Eve and Jeanne, they didn’t drink at all.

And so there was just a little bit of wine.

Upon seeing this, Ryoma exclaimed, 

“Ah! What a shame.”

Thankfully, she had a lot of drink stored in her own carriage.

And it was sake.

She brought over the clear liquid.

“This is quite popular now amongst the northern nobles. The rice is made in the south, and the sake is made in the center where the water is cleaner. Then it is sold in the north for a profit. That is my current ‘business model.’”

“So that’s why you have so much.”

“Well, I tend to drink half of it before I get there.”

“…I see.”

“I hear that it’s quite normal for women to drink this much in Tosa.”

She said as she started to drink.

She really liked the stuff.

I was sure that she would finish her first cup before Eve brought out the food.

She then offered me a cup.

I wasn’t very good with alcohol, but I wasn’t callous enough to reject an offer either.

And so I tasted it.

Ryoma’s sake wasn’t too sweet or bitter. It was mild and fragrant.

It felt pure and of high quality.

“It is very good. I think that it would go very well with fish.”

“Ah, so you can tell? You have good taste. I like grape wine myself, but sake is a better fit when eating fish.”

She said as she pulled out some dried cod from her pocket and began to chew it.

“Aaaaahh! This is it. This is what I mean. This is what I live for.”

She said dramatically.

Watching her made me almost believe it too. Oddly enough.

As if this liquid we were drinking was the most precious thing in the world.

Even Jeanne was looking at us with interest.

“Do you want to try some?”

I asked, and her eyes lit up.”

“Can I? Demon King.”

She said.

While she was a little young, there was not really a drinking age in this world.

And there were certainly no laws for it in Ashtaroth.

There were jokes about how dwarven babies drank, which I am sure was not true. But humans generally started at fifteen.

And so I saw no problem with Jeanne drinking. And when I offered her a cup, she glugged it down all at once.

She had apparently wanted to copy Ryoma, but it was rather reckless for someone who did not usually drink.

Her face turned red in an instant. Ryoma saw this and burst into laughter.

“You, gold head. Is this your first time? You won’t last long if you keep up this pace.”

And she was right.

Jeanne’s voice became slurred very quickly.

She put her cup down and turned to me.

“Gaaahh! Demon King!”

Her eyes were no longer focused. She was clearly drunk.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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