Cave King – 115


“Well, you know, the Shield is clear. So it must have been difficult to see! You shouldn’t be so harsh on it!”

I muttered, as I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the thing.

While the Manticore was still twitching, it didn’t look like it would be able to continue fighting.

“It’s breathing. But…”

I wasn’t able to tame it, which suggested it was still hostile towards us.

Perhaps if it felt a little more pain, it would be possible… But I couldn’t do that, not in this condition.

“I guess I could defeat it painlessly… Or maybe we could trap it in a cage?… Hmm?”

A man had suddenly appeared in front of the Manticore, and he was spreading out his arms as if to stop us.


Mappa then put his hands together and looked at us with big, teary eyes as if pleading with us.

“Co-could it be…that Old Mappa wants to keep it?”

Fule asked. Mappa nodded his head.

And so I said to Mappa, 

“Hey, now. That’s not a dog… It’s incredibly dangerous. We don’t want to kill it, but…”

If we left it here, it might attack us again. But it would be too dangerous to take it to the surface without taming it.

However, Mappa would not give up.

It was unusual for Mappa to ask for something so desperately. Perhaps he felt a kinship, due to their similar appearance…

“That being said… Huh?”

The Manticore who was behind him, looked at Mappa and suddenly started to cry, ‘Aaaaaawwaaaa…’

Mappa then walked up to it and began to pet its bald head.

After that, he pulled out some dried fish from somewhere, and fed it to the Manticore.

The Manticore ate the fish and finally stopped crying.

Mappa then patted it on the head as if to say that he was very proud of how brave it was being.

Was that Manticore just a child… Oh?

<<There is a tamable monster. Will you tame it?>>

Apparently, it was no longer hostile.

“Good job, Mappa. So, you really want to take care of it?”

Mappa nodded his head eagerly.

“Alright, I’ll tame it then.”

And like that, the island had a new resident.

The Manticore was named Coppa, and it was to be looked after by Mappa.

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  1. The weird things keep coming and keep joining. Also, why did the manticore get tamed by Heal, and not by the one and only Mappa, the almost naked old looking but actually very young man-of-culture dwarf.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. How often does this update finally caught up to the latest😅.I’m really looking forward to the brothers arrogance being shattered when they get on the island.

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