Strange Dragon – 73

Chapter 73 – Setting up the sewage system

And then I took out the metal ingots from my magic bag.
I also brought the other wood and stone materials from the storage area.

“The toilets themselves are simple. The problem is the placing of the pipes.”

I visualized the network of sewage pipes that would flow through the whole base.

“I should also think of a way to stop the pipes from freezing.”

It should be possible if I used Victor’s magic tool that made hot water, and had it flow through the pipes.
Additionally, I could also raise the insulation effects.
This could be done by surrounding the pipes with wood that had low thermal conductivity.

“I’ll have to make sure the wood doesn’t rot.”

If you put wood underground as it was, then it would absorb moisture and rot away.
Not only that, but there were a lot of bugs in the ground that ate wood.

“As for the bugs, I could mix in the bug repellent incense…”

But what should I do about the water?
I thought about it for some time.

“…I could cover them in processed quartz.”

Well, even if it failed, I could modify it later.

“Also, I should connect the pipes to each house.”

It would be convenient to be able to wash your face in your house. And you wouldn’t have to go out for water if you became thirsty in the middle of the night.

Now that I had decided on the structure, I started to visualize it in detail.
I sat down on the ground, closed my eyes so that I was deep in thought.


Kuro, Ruru, and Roro wanted to play with me, and started to climb onto my legs.
As this would ruin my concentration, I was going to ask them to be quiet, but…

Fio and Shiro quietly moved their younger siblings away.


Kuro was saying, ‘Why?’ And Shiro was saying, ‘Don’t disturb him.’
Apparently, Hippolius was now fawning on Fio.

Ever since this morning, Hippolius had become more like a pampered child.
I suppose it was because Hippolius was smaller now.
Regardless, Fio and Shiro were now taking care of the children. They were dependable older sisters.

And so I left the children to them, and focused on visualization.
As the area that I would be dealing with was quite large, I separated the base into ten blocks in my mind.

“Now, I’ll do it.”

And then I activated the crafting skill. All at once, I crafted everything for the specified blocks.
This included the system of pipes, the anti-freezing measures, and the toilet above ground.
After repeating this ten times, the work was finished.

“Alright, it’s done then.”

As soon as I said this, the wolf cubs and Hippolius pounced on me.
And so I petted them one by one.

“Thank you, Fio and Shiro.”

I thanked Fio and Shiro as well, and patted them on the head.
As for Pii, it was jiggling on my shoulder the whole time. Even as I was working.
The vibrations were quite comfortable, and did not affect my concentration.

“Pii, thank you for massaging my shoulders.”
‘Pii! Theodore! The water will overflow!’
“…Ah, that’s right. I forgot. Thank you.”

Pii was talking about the sewage tank that the slimes were in.
I had not made an exit for it yet.
If I left it for another two to three days, it might overflow.

“I better make a draining system fast.”
‘Pii! Good idea!’

And so I immediately headed to the sewage tank.
The children all followed after me.

When I arrived at the tank, I took a look inside.

“How are you doing, slimes?”

They were floating in the water.
I tried to read their will with the taming skill, but they were apparently all asleep.

“I don’t want to wake them up. So I’ll have to work quietly.”

Fio nodded with a serious expression. Shiro wagged her tail silently.

Before starting the work, I cast the appraisal skill on the water.

“Amazing. It’s clean enough to drink.”

Pii chirped happily and jiggled.

After that, I worked quietly so that I would not wake up the slimes.
First, I would need to make a hole near the bottom of the tank, and then attach a weir that could open and close.
Also, I needed to attach a pipe for the water to be discharged from.

“The hole should be opened at the very end.”

I started by making a simple part that would allow you to discharge the water.
As it was outside, it would be easy to repair or replace when necessary.
And so while it would be good to make it durable, it was not too important.

“The material should be stone.”

I took the stone out of my magic bag, and then activated the crafting skill.
As for the passage of water, I extended it towards the river.

“Next is the weir. That will also be made of stone.”

Thanks to Hippolius gathering a lot of stones, we had more than enough stone materials.
I wanted to make something that would fit perfectly in the spot where I could open the hole.

And I had to make sure that there were no gaps, or the water would leak out.
There also had to be a way to open and close it.
With a combination of gears and a handle, I would make it so that it opened without requiring too much strength.

Once I had the idea in my head, I visualized it in detail.
And then I activated the crafting skill all at once.

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