Makai Hongi – 42


There was still quite a distance between us and the enemy, but the strength of an ogre’s arm should not be underestimated.

The rocks went flying like home runs out of the park.

You would likely die if you got hit directly. And even if you weren’t hit, anyone who crashed into the rocks rolling down the hill would not escape some broken bones.

Rolling rocks were a surprisingly dangerous weapon.

“Centaurs are in the front, huh. They sure are fast.”

But we had anti-cavalry palisades, so their advance would stop there.

They were followed by orcs with long-spears. And so we had to deal as much damage as we could before they arrived.

In these kinds of defensive battles, it was the side that tried to get in that would take the heaviest losses.

“The third wave has left the enemy base.”

“Oh? Three waves today… They mean business.”

Centaurs, and orcs… What come after that? As I squinted ahead, I saw a mixed group of Ghouls and Night Walkers.

Corpse Demons. They were the same species as Zombies and Hunger Ghosts. They were not stronger than orcs.

And while they were great in number, you could not rely on them too much in combat.

“Now that I think about it, one of the countries that Lesser Demon King Leninoth destroyed was inhabited by Evil Spirits and Corpse Demons.”

It reminded me about how we had been tormented by Wraiths on the first battle here.

Ghouls had ‘Paralysis Poison,’ while Night Walkers had ‘Night Pain.’

Neither were that bad by themselves, but it would be harsh if you were attacked by a whole group.

“I see. They are sent last because they are the weakest. We must stop them at the fences no matter what.”

The scariest of Evil Spirits, were the Nightmares. They were able to use nightmare magic from a great distance.

I could only pray that the enemy didn’t have any of them in their camp.

“Listen. Do not let the enemy get in!”


These anti-cavalry palisades had been made very carefully and were sturdy.

And so even a Centaur would not be able to get past them very easily.

“The enemy seems to be struggling during their charge. It’s like watching the old us.”

Those bitter memories of being stopped by the wraiths before we reached the wall.

It was essentially because of them that I was forced to challenge the Commander to Gekokujyo.

“We still have more rocks. Trade places when you’re tired.”

To the ogres, the rocks they were throwing now had the weight of a baseball ball.

Because of this, they had incredible speed.

“Huh. That must be over 150 kilometers per hour.”

Of course, they were throwing them without really thinking, so sometimes it was overkill.

And using special abilities resulted in mana depletion.

It was just as I was thinking about telling them to stop, that a messenger came running.

It was a kobold. What had happened?

“Golems have appeared from behind our camp.”


Behind? What did this mean!?

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