Makai Hongi – 306

Chapter 306

No, that’s not right.
It doesn’t work that way. It was completely wrong.

We residents of the Demon World were not capable of living such sophisticated lives.

Don’t fight amongst each other?
Live in this paradise?

—He can eat shit.

“Haha… Apparently, I’m a lot more like them than I thought.”
I beat down the enemy that approached me while I advanced.

It felt good. I used to hate it. But now it was fun.

The Ogre village was crude and uncivilized.
They were meatheads who could do nothing but fight.

But they were also so foolish, that they could be taken down with one magic attack.
They had been different from humans in almost every way.

It was my human memories that troubled me. And I had been unable to fit in the Demon World.
Always, it was as if I was one step removed from everything… No, I was looking down on them from above.


But after losing my flesh in the Demon World, I realized something.

“I…I…I’ve been on this side of the fence for a while now!”

Aren’t you all the same?
It must have been hard.
You must have been in pain.

Not understanding why you were here if you couldn’t fight.
I know. I know.

Fight, fight…fight through it all and die. That’s what you want.
I know it very well.

“I’ll fight you all!”

I punched. I had never punched as much as this.
And I tore. I threw. I crushed.

You’re enjoying this.

As your faces are shattered, you seem satisfied.
Yes. I understand.

But before I could finish beating up the small fry, the headliners arrived.

Dragons with an overwhelming presence. Both of them had come at the same time.

“Which is which?”
But I had forgotten their names, so it didn’t matter.

“You… Who are you?”
“Let’s skip the talk. Come at me.”

But the two Dragons hesitated. They would not come.
Why were they hesitating?

Weren’t they waiting for such an opportunity?
Then they should attack me. No questions asked.

“If you won’t come, then I’ll go to you.”

And so I ran in a straight line right towards them.

This was a new fight. An enemy who was superior. I would have to go all out.
And even then, I had no idea if I could win.

“But that’s what makes it good.”
My smile only broadened.

A fight against two Dragons.
What could be better?

It was the fiercest battle.
Neither would back down. Neither would yield.

To be honest, most of it was a blur.
The two Dragons were special among the high-rankers.

Before I knew it, I was being pushed back, and was on the brink of defeat.
They had started in their Dragon forms.

Perhaps they weren’t able to take human forms. I didn’t know.
What I did know was that even though I fought with the intention to kill, there were two of them. And I was losing.


I clung to their bodies and tore off their scales.
Against monsters with such high defense ability, my martial arts training was useless.

It was all about force.
And even then, I was only getting weaker.

I only have one leg now. Apparently, it had been bitten off at some point.
My vision was filled with red. And my mana was nearly empty.

Ahh, I am going to die. That’s what I thought.

“It’s when you think that you can’t go on anymore. That’s when the real fight begins.”
While it might have sounded like my pride talking, it was the truth.

I had used my special ability, ‘Mana Absorb.’
Now, it was time for some payback.

I would rip out all of the mana from their flesh.

There was no need to hold back.
I would suck it out until they burst.

“How’s this!”
As I shouted, one of the Dragons sunk to the ground.

Its eyes were rolled up into its head as it collapsed.
The other one had bubbles of blood flowing from its jaw.

As it was twitching violently, I doubted it would return to the fight.
“What do you think!”

I raised my arms high and the others who remained began to run.
The weakest of them had run as soon as the battle started, so that they wouldn’t be crushed by the Dragons.

The ones who remained would have been decently strong.
Their will to fight had been crushed once their bosses were defeated, and they ran with expressions of grief.

“Damn it. Get back up!”
I hit the fallen Dragon on the head.

But there was no reaction.

“You can still fight!”
Though I was shouting this, my own body was covered in wounds.

One eye was closed shut and part of my stomach had been gouged out.
And one leg was missing at the knee, which meant that I couldn’t walk.

Still, I leaned against the Dragon’s head and jabbed it with my fist.
I wanted to continue.

“This isn’t over.”
I knew that I was forcing myself. But it didn’t matter.

“I’ll continue my rampage if you don’t get up!”
But there was no reaction.

“Did you hear me, you bastards!”
There was still nothing.

“Maybe I’ll go and destroy this whole Other World then!”
There was a reaction.

But it wasn’t from the Dragon.

“That would be a little troublesome. I’d rather you didn’t do that.”
A calm voice came from above my head.

“So you’re here.”
I said. And the person descended slowly in front of me.

“I am Golan. …I know who you are, but I’d still like to hear it from you.”

“Me? You want to hear my name?”
“Yes… From your lips.”

While I only had one eye, I could see well.
I glared at him.

“Very well. It’s only polite. …I will tell you then. My name is Yamato. Is this the first time that we’ve met…?”

He said.
I opened my mouth to reply. But by then, my vision had already gone black.

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  1. Welp the rebellion got put down as soon as he encountered them. He probably ended up traumatizing all the rebels into becoming pacifists. I think they were rebelling less because of their pride in being fighters descended from the Demon World and more because they’re just idiots who wanted to flaunt their power against those weaker than them and have never experienced what a real fighter from the Demon World is like which is why they folded like a cheap suit when facing Golan.

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