Shinmai Boukensha – 35

Day 35: Is that method allowed?
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 18th day.
Weather: Sunny

It’s so hot… Ah, I want to set out for the north.
It was with such trivial thoughts in my head that I went looking for work.

Just to be sure, I watched the entrance a short distance away from the guild.
The maid was not there… Had she given up then? No, no. Surely not…
And then suddenly, something tapped my shoulder… I had a bad feeling. I knew that I should not turn around.
But then the tapping came again… I had no choice. And so I slowly turned around to see…Ms. Marina. I had to sit down, as I was too weak to stand… This was not good for my heart.

Ms. Marina was quite bewildered by my reaction… What did she want?
When I asked, she informed me that Ms. Marga and the others would be returning in a few days.
Yes! Now I can say goodbye to this town! And that maid!!

…Is what I had thought… The good news had made me lower my guard.
I did not think that she would stake out by the quest board!!
Upon realizing that I was there, the maid smiled and walked towards me…
The man at the reception counter was laughing… You’re going to regret this, alright?

After we had talked at the bar, I somehow managed to escape the fate of going to the mansion and meeting the lord there.
…I did so well!!
As for their token of gratitude, it was decided that the maid would serve me for a while…
Apparently, if I would not accept money, then they intended to repay me with labor.
…Uh, no thank you.
I said with a serious expression. But she then burst into tears and pleaded with me, so I had no choice but to accept… She must have gone through a lot, I suppose.

And so I went on another gathering quest with the maid.
Today, I was going to gather natural mandragoras.
Mandragoras were famously used to make panacea.
However, they were also dangerous creatures that were both plant and animal combined.
Under the hair-like grass, there were roots that resembled humans. And when you pulled them out, the roots would emit a cry so loud that it could kill you.
And so you had to wear special earplugs to protect yourself. But we only had one pear… What should we do?

As I wondered about this, I discovered it. The thing looked like a wig that was growing out of the ground.
…Seeing it in person, it was surprisingly disgusting-looking.
But as I wondered what to do about the maid not having any earplugs, she began to walk closer and closer to the mandragora… What?
And then she pulled out a short sword, seemingly from nowhere, and then she plunged it straight into the wig in the ground… Whaat!?
The ground seemed to shake for a second, and then some kind of red liquid began to spread out from the grass… Woah.
A few seconds passed, and the maid grabbed the grass and pulled it roughly. And then out came the skewered mandragora…
I got it ♪ She said happily. But I could only laugh dryly in reply.

When we returned to the guild and made our report, the receptionist’s perfect smile twitched.
…Of course.
As for the reward…it was reduced due to the damage… It’s so sad.

…I’m going back to the inn now…I’m tired.
Huh? The maid too? Do you have money for a room? No!? …My head hurts.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: +75(Quest reward after reduction)
-15(Special earplugs)
-26(Inn x2, Bed: A, Food: A)
Balance: 3 silver, 57 bronze

(ノ_-;)Ha… This maid really is troublesome…

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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  1. You should’ve heeded the flag when it was raised instead of trying to run away from it Adventurer-chan. Now this happened because you tried to ignore it.

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