Shatei Kyokufuri – 9


Its HP gauge turned red, and then went down to nothing.

“Phew… That was close…”

But I had somehow managed to take down the boss gorilla.

It had tried to tear its way out of the webs until the last moment. A powerful enemy where I could never let my guard down…

Had I not had these new skills and equipment, I would have lost without being able to do anything.

My growth was very tangible.

And by beating it now, I would grow even more.

I had finally reached level 10.

That had been my goal on this adventure.

“Oh, right. I have to check the item drop for the gorilla.”

I acquired gear for my hands.

Which was perfect, as they were currently unprotected.

They were called, ‘Fists of the Forest Sage’!

◆ Fists of the Forest Sage

Type: Gloves 

Defense: 30

Range: 50

Weapon Skill: [Black Smog]

[Black Smog]

Creates a black mass that unleashes a terrible smell.

It will explode upon impact and spread a black smoke.

When I equipped them I saw that they were rather large gorilla hands!

But in spite of its powerful appearance, it didn’t affect my attacks, but my range.

Well, they do say that gorillas are actually very sensitive creatures.

Now that I thought about it, they did seem to drum on their chest and throw excrement more than they smashed things with their fists.

So I guess this should be expected?

…Well, I’ll leave that aside for now.

What I was curious about was the weapon skill.

But if this was an excrement skill, did that mean it would come out of my ass?

I couldn’t use something so realistic in front of other people!

No, I wouldn’t even use it when I was alone.

Well, I was probably overthinking it.

In the first place, the description said nothing about taking a dump.

It was called ‘Black Smog.’

And smoke was a good fit for someone with ranged attacks.

Without a doubt, it strengthened my attack ability.

Still, I was curious.

Where did it come out from?

“Black Smog!”

In the end, the dark mass came out of the palm of my hand.

I did not feel the urge to defecate and the dark clump was perfectly spherical.

Kind of like those smoke bombs that ninjas used.

Now this was something I could use in public.

“Still, it already smells quite bad!”

And so I tried throwing it as hard as I could.

As your range affected your throw as well, the ball flew quite far before exploding into a cloud of black smoke.

It looked very thick even from where I stood, which meant it would be more than enough to hide in.

However, I didn’t want to go inside of that.

I would have to use it as a wall between me and the enemy instead.

Well, my level had gone up, I learned a skill, and acquired new equipment.

I was nearly finished with my preparations for participating in my first event, ‘Under X Battle Royale’!

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  1. I don’t know if anyone has said this already, but this guys talent in archery is insane! A normal person wouldn’t even be able to land shots from 15 meters away and this guy lands shots from over 100 meters with 100 percent accuracy. So far there hasn’t been any mention of aim assist from the game so I can only assume that this guy has SSS-Rank talent in archery!

    • Oh I see.

      His strategy is to shoot at unsuspecting enemies with the Bound Arrows and fling shit at them if they get too close or to distract them as he continues to rain arrows upon his enemies, right?

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