Cave King – 15


And so I used the support feature that was Workshop, and started to create Stone Blocks and Sand.

I made the Stone Blocks on the larger side.

Once I was done, I dropped them into the sea from my Inventory.


To the spectators, it would look like giant rocks were suddenly popping out of my right hand. I probably looked ridiculous.


The rocks fell into the sea with a loud splash.

I kept doing this until they were stacked to about 3 meters above the water, creating a frame for the land I wanted to fill up.


This alone was enough to make the goblins raise their voices in surprise.


No, now that I thought about it, even I could hardly believe that I was able to do such things.


It was crazy that I had an Inventory that could store so many rocks.

‘Cave King’…was not to be underestimated.


It was with such thoughts in my mind that I finished creating the frame.


Next, I would use Flow, which was a type of water magic that allowed me to control water. And I would blow all of the water out of the frame and into the sea.


Surprisingly, this was completed in the blink of an eye.

I had been continually increasing my power with the Crystals, but I hadn’t expected it to be this effective…

According to the Advisor, I had emptied out an area of water that was around 10,000m².


As of now, no seawater was spilling into it. That meant the rocks were stacked tightly together.


And so I continued by pouring in some sand and rocks…and on the surface, I added the Cave Spider…material.


However, it turned out that we didn’t have enough of the Cave Spider material to cover everything…


And so I used Stone Blocks to turn the extra space into a small field for the children to play in.


“Good…now it’s all finished.”


I sighed and wiped the sweat from my forehead. The goblins all raised their voices and cheered.


The goblin children immediately started to run around on the new field.


“Uh, it might still be a little dangerous… Well, I guess if they are just running.”


There could be a landslide.

It would probably be best to wait for a while without planting anything…

However, just running around on it should be fine.


After they had played, the goblin children came to me and said,


“Lord Heal! Thank you!”

“Ah! You’re welcome.”


I said as I waved at them.


Yes. Without really planning to, I was starting to become more lord-like.

A landlord who is loved by his people… There was something very appealing about that.


“Lord Heal. I must thank you as well! We promise to make a great field here.”


I turned around to face Rienna.


“Aye, I look forward to it.”


I said with a laugh. Just then…


With a speed that my eyes could not follow, Mappa seemed to vanish from my sight.

I quickly scanned the area and tried to find out where he had gone.


Mappa was in the sky.

In fact, he was being carried buttocks first by a giant bird.




As I shouted into the air, the giant black bird covered the sky over our heads.

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    • think about japan, or holland , it’s something possible since a looooong time. you pilled rock to form a wall, and use windmill to pump the water into a pond or in the sea, then you fill the new land with rock sand and dirt above sea level. then Tada you gain a lot of new land. And if i remember right, the new airport in japan was grow with that technique so it’s totaly usable on an island if you have the right material

    • It would be hard to expand it much if the undersea topography was like a mountain peak that stuck out of the water, with a steep incline, but most coastline has at least some underwater shallows before it drops off, and those can be reclaimed by building them up. The mountain peak layout actually seems likely given it’s a single island in the middle of nowhere though. Still, he would be able to expand the island somewhat, and level the formerly unusable uneven parts. It doesn’t need to be that big as of now because there just aren’t that many residents and underground fields also exist.

  1. Okay, that dude’s unfortunate events just always thrown me off to a cackle.
    Thankies for the chappie~

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