Cave King – 21

Chapter 21 – I found a puppy!


I moved my hand away from the kobold that had washed up on our shore and shook my head.


While I had attempted to use healing magic on it, there was no effect.


“This one’s dead too… Shiel, could you carry him?”


Shiel the slime was moving next to me and carrying a kobold without any legs.


“So, that’s 24 now…”


I muttered as I looked at the spot where Shiel was taking the bodies.

All of the orcs and kobolds that had washed up here had visible wounds and were dead.


Baris stood near them and was chanting something. It was a modest memorial service.


Rienna looked at me with a conflicted expression.


“There are so many. And they all have wounds on their bodies… Was there a great battle happening not far from here?”

“Considering the fragments of wood, I think that’s the case. A battle between ships. But why…”


There must have been a reason for this fighting.

This was an area where ships rarely traveled.

Orcs and kobolds usually lived on land. Why did they come out all of the way here to fight?


If only one of them were alive, I could question them…


“In any case, it means there is an armed group near us. We must keep our guard up…”


It was a good thing that I made the golems.

Even if these armed men attacked the island, we would be able to defend ourselves.

Besides, it was likely that the sheer size and overwhelming power of Golem I would destroy any enthusiasm they may have to fight.


Rienna answered.


“Yes! Erevan is currently selecting the most skilled of his men so he can increase the number of guards.”

“I see… I’ll try to walk along the shore whenever I’m not busy digging. Perhaps someone who is still alive will wash up next.”

“I will go with you.”

“Thank you, Rienna. Alright, let’s go help the others now.”


I looked out at the sea.

There were no more dead bodies. And all of the driftwood seemed to have already landed.


The goblins and Cave Spiders had already started to move all of the wood to a single spot.

And so Rienna and I joined them and searched to see if there was anything we could use.


There were some usable wood materials there, but most of it was shattered pieces that were too small.

I suppose we could combine them with coal and burn them…


I had walked around and searched, but there really was nothing interesting.


Rienna walked next to me and looked around as she said,


“…I don’t think there is anything useful here.”

“Yes. Well, I suppose all of the heavy material would have sunk…”

“I was hoping to find seeds that we could plant. It’s unfortunate.”


It was just as we were about to give up.




I suddenly heard a weak whimper.


I turned to look at Rienna.


“Rienna, did you saying something?”

“No, I… I thought it was you, Lord Heal?”

“It wasn’t me…”


I looked at the surrounding area.

But there was no one here.




However, I could definitely hear something.

I pricked up my ear and moved in the direction that the sound was coming from.


And then…


“…A wooden box?”


My eyes landed on the treasure chest that had been washed up. It was extravagantly decorated with gold.

But in size, it was just slightly larger than a person’s head.


And then a voice echoed from inside.

Also, it seemed like it was shaking a little.


“That’s it!”


Rienna and I ran to the treasure chest.

And then I tried to open it.

However, no matter how hard I pulled, the lid would not budge.


Rienna tilted her head to the side.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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