Cave King – 20


Had Rienna not been cursed with a short life, that stone might have been used by Baris…


“Well, it is because of all that studying I did, that I was able to become a Shaman. So it was not all a waste.”

“I see. However, if you had an Ascending Stone…you might be able to use magic.”

“I thank you for your concern. But I am fine now. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t desire it, but I have lived long enough.”

“…Well, would you change your mind if we found a lot of them?”

“If that time comes… I suppose I will take you up on your offer!”


Baris answered with a laugh.

Though, he sounded as if he was not hopeful of that happening.


“By the way, do you know if Rienna has a crest as well?”

“The Princess…has the ‘Farmer’ crest. That is why she was the only one in the royal family who was made to work in the field.”

“Huh. I guess that’s why she’s good with growing things.”


I looked at Rienna. She seemed very happy as she poured water on the plants.

She was humming to herself and looked very cute.


The Farmer crest meant that crops would grow faster and larger. But there was not a lot that was visible to the eye in terms of what it did.


“Everyone said that it was an unnecessary crest for royals, but it’s served us well now. Perhaps the gods gave her that crest because they knew what would happen.”



I didn’t believe in the gods.

However, I had ultimately been saved by my crest as well.

In that case, why was Baris the only one to suffer?


Baris continued to take out the Tyrian purple from the Shelfish.

Just then…


“Chief!! We got trouble!!”


Erevan was shouting as he ran towards us. His face looked pale.


“What is it, Erevan!?”


I shouted back as loud as I could, but it seemed like he couldn’t hear me.

However, he kept shouting, ‘just come over here!!’ And so Baris and I headed for the reclaimed ground.

As for Mappa, we left him, since he was snoring peacefully on top of Shiel.


The Golem sentry and the goblins were all gathered together at the reclaimed ground.

Apparently, something had drifted to the shore.


When I ran towards them, Erevan waved at me.


“Chief! Please take a look!”

“Something drifted? …What!?”


The thing that had landed on our shores, was a brownish-green giant.


He was much larger than Erevan and his eyes were wide open. But he was not breathing.

One of his arms was missing and there was a great crack in his leather breastplate.


“Wh-why is an orc here…”


One of the goblins said in a fearful voice.


Indeed, this was the body of an orc.


It was more muscular than a human.

And it had fangs and a snout like a boar.

I had only ever read about them, but they were known to be fierce warriors. In recent years, it was said that they were strengthening their forces near Sanfaris’s border.


Yes… In fact, hadn’t Rienna’s homeland been burned away by the orcs?

The goblins were probably afraid because they knew what orcs were capable of.


“You fools! How can you tremble at the sight of a corpse!!”



Erevan shouted, and the goblins seemed to calm down a little.

And then one of them addressed the others.


“Heh…that’s what they deserve! We should go and kick it!!”

“Aye, that’s what you get for burning our homeland!”


The goblins shouted as they headed towards the body.


Erevan and Baris looked conflicted, but they did not stop them.

That was how deep the hatred ran.


That said, even if it was a corpse, I didn’t care to watch them kick it…


“Wait! Surely there is no need to kick a corpse!”


“Stop! Do you all mean to act without my permission!?”


All of the goblins turned around.

Rienna was standing there.


I had never seen her with such a stern expression. It was surprising.


“What good would it do to any of us for you to kick the dead!? Do you not find it shameful!?”


One of the goblins protested.


“Bu-but, Princess! They did the same to the bodies of our families… They strung up the king’s body for everyone to see!”

“…That does not mean we should do the same. Besides, it is for Lord Heal to decide what should be done to those who land here.”


“Who do you think you owe your survival to!? Without Lord Heal, we would have all been rotting in the sea right now!”


Rienna shouted. And the goblins unclenched their fists.

While they looked angry, they began to nod.


Rienna bowed in front of me.


“Lord Heal. I’m terribly sorry about this…”

“No… Thank you, Rienna.”


I guess I wasn’t intimidating…

Rienna was their leader, and her voice meant more to them than anything.


“I agree with Rienna. What do you think?”


I said. And the goblins agreed and nodded.


“Thank you. Baris, can you perform a service?”


Baris nodded firmly.


“Lord Heal. If it is your wish, I will do my best to pray to the gods so they may rest in peace.”

“Thank you, Baris. I will…hmm?”


I noticed that there were numerous objects floating offshore.


Just then, I heard a voice from a short distance away.


“There’s another body over here!!”


A goblin shouted. And so we headed towards him.


There, we found a humanoid creature with a head like a dog or a wolf.

He was covered in white fur and also wore damaged leather armor.

There was a deep wound in his chest and he was clearly dead.


Erevan wiped the sweat from his forehead.


“…This is a kobold. They are the mortal enemy of goblins. But they also fight the orcs.”

“So…was there a battle being waged nearby?”


I looked back at the sea.

Far away, I thought I could see something like smoke.


And so for a while after that, bodies, armor, and the remains of ships would wash up on our shores.

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  1. Yeah, things are getting more interesting. Even more races are having “fun” nearby.
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  2. Hmmm, so dwarfs aren’t resistant to poison in this world.

    At the very least, with all the debris from the war.. they just got a lot of materials and fertilizer B-)

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