Flower Field Demon King – 23


“Ahhh! I was wondering who it was. It’s Moral, the one who must not be prayed to! Oh, daaamn!! Why are you here! They sealed you away so you could never descend!”

Darten had arrived quite late, but he started to shout immediately upon seeing Moral.


“Hey, all of you! You better not pray to her! Everyone who prays to her and has their negative emotions and lust sucked out of them will then turn into hollow, dried-up elders. In the end, you will become depressed and kill yourselves! She’s already destroyed an entire human kingdom before. She’s been sealed ever since. Praying to her is forbidden!!”


Qudels became more cautious of Moral after hearing this.

As for whether Darten could be trusted. Yes, he could be trusted, but he also couldn’t be trusted. That’s how he felt.

However, as soon as Darten said those words, the atmosphere surrounding Moral suddenly changed.


“Eeeh? I was wondering who was making that noise. If it isn’t the sun god’s lazy son. Right when I am able to come down here due to someone forcing me… I won’t take it easy on you if you get in my way.”

Her almond-shaped eyes narrowed like daggers. She went from looking like a pure idol to a gangster in an instant.


“Tsk… So, that is your true nature. To think that I would be caught in such a trap… I really have a long way to go. I’m sorry, but I must make you return to heaven.”

“No. You. Won’t!”

Moral said with a mischievous grin.

It really was a cruel world…this deception was too terrible.


However, Darten moved between Qudels and Moral.

“…Heh. Even if you are a rank-one goddess, I’m a rank-two god of war, and this guy is a monster who is even stronger. You don’t have a chance!! Besides, if I seal you away, the villagers will sing my praises and I can live out my fantasies!!”


Right? Darten looked at Qudels with a smile. But Qudels put a hand on his forehead and sighed.

Moral shrugged with exasperation.


“Oh, you really are stupid. That’s why muscle heads are no good. If you two started fighting here, this entire area will become a graveyard. Is that what you want?”


Darten’s face froze.

A god must not kill all his believers.

If that happened, he would become just like Moral. No one would be allowed to worship him.

And just as Darten and Qudels hesitated, Moral put on her ‘disguise’ once again.


“Hey, good people. This man wants to do horrible things to me! Please help me!!”

—Damn it! Qudels clicked his tongue, but it was already too late.


“Oh, that’s no good, Mister Qudels.”

“Group leader, you can’t go around hurting goddesses.”

“You too, young god.”


The villagers and group members surrounded Qudels and Darten.

There was no malice at all in their expressions.

They had lost the ability to be angry. They reached out their hands in order to lead Qudels to the ‘right path.’


“Tsk. So, you charmed them while you were doing that prayer pose!”

“Bleh, how unfair! Wh-what are we going to do!!”

Darten said as he looked at Qudels. Qudels was sweating a cold sweat as he opened his mouth.


“For now, we must run! But I warn you, you must not hurt the villagers or group members!!”

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    • With two dysfunctional Gods, the village could quickly end up becoming the center of a new Kingdom, assuming it plays out that way.

      Seriously speaking for a moment; you have a God of War, and a Goddess of Lust. Assuming Qudels was able to control the two to some extent, Moral (what an ironic name) could have reign over a thriving Red Light District, even having the faith of prostitutes and regulars feeding her needs without becoming dried mummies. Darten could be the source of faith for the village defenders, who grow in rank and skill to eventually become elites as well as local Adventurers. He could even booze and sleep with girls from the Red Light District in his off-time.

      The administrative stuff would mostly be on Qudels and the ex-Duke’s Daughter.

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