10th Year – 11

Chapter 11 – Special Weapon

After returning to their room, one of the twins got into bed while the other started looking through the book shelf.

“You’re like owls.”

He said, describing both the fact that they could share thoughts and their current state. The twin who was now carrying a few books looked at him and chuckled.

“Unihemispheric slow-wave sleep, was it? Yes, perhaps it is similar. But we both have our own will. And I don’t think that each side of an owl’s brain has a separate consciousness.”
“A will, yes. By the way, which one are you?”
“I am Mailey. The younger one.”

He would not be able to tell if she was lying, he thought, while looking at one and then the other.
Mailey sat down in the chair and started to read one of the books. Thanks to the magitec lamps, it was not difficult to read at night.

“Please have a seat, Mister Tor.”
“Thank you.”

Tor sat down in the other chair and looked out of the window.
The magitec lamp posts illuminated the night streets. There were many other company buildings here, and so they had tighter security.
He saw no suspicious figures, but the wood of the window frame had scratches on it. Perhaps they had used a ladder to see if the twins had left.

“Can you also share dreams?”
“Yes. But we are used to it, so there is no disorder in our thoughts.”
“What does it feel like?”
“As we’ve been like this since birth, it’s normal. So I cannot describe…”

Mailey looked at her older sister, Euphie, with a perplexed expression, and then smiled. One thing he had realized today was that these sisters got along very well. Due to being able to share thoughts, he had not actually seen them conversing, but they were likely doing it all in the mind.

“It’s like a real version of ‘give me fami-chiki.’”
“What is that?”
“Internet slang.”

As the twins had knowledge of Earth and Japan, it brought back all kinds of memories.
And while this didn’t make him homesick, it wasn’t a bad feeling either.

“You asked. What it feels like to share thoughts.”
“Ah, that’s right. Sorry. So, daydreaming, huh?”
“Also, it’s like when you are reading a book, and you are reading the letters out loud in your head. When the visual information is integrated into your thoughts, it’s like daydreaming and…it is very difficult to explain.”

It was all related to the senses. Maily hesitated as she tried to find the right words.
Tor decided to think of it as watching tv inside of your head.
They must be very good with multi-tasking.

“Yes, yes. Our visual field is wider than other people.”
“I guess it’s like having two points of view. So you’re more aware of your surroundings.”
“Yes. When learning the art of self-defense, we were told that together, we equaled that of a C-Rank Adventurer.”
“Was it the Durande manager?”

She must have been quite proud of this. Mailey chuckled and nodded.
A C-Ranker was a full-fledged Adventurer. You needed to have experience fighting against magitec beasts, which were much more dangerous than ordinary monsters. It was a rank where you had to be able to complete most quests.
D-Rank self-defense skills were more than enough for the average person. With C-Rank, they could probably fight off the average thug.
However, Mailey and Euphie expected their enemies to be professional Adventurers. A clan full of B-Rankers, to be exact. And so their skill level would not be enough.

“And what weapons do you use?”
“A spear and magic. I can also handle a bow. But now that I think about it, why don’t you use a weapon, Mister Tor?”

Mailey asked as she looked at Tor’s mail gauntlets.
Tor replied by taking something out of the large leather pouch on his belt.

“This is my partner.”
“…What is it?”

Mailey may have been full of knowledge, but even she looked at it with suspicion. Tor’s weapon was very unique indeed.
There were ten cakrams, iron disks with blades on the outside that were slightly larger than the palm of his hands. And each was attached to a chain that was as long as his arm.

“It’s called a chain chakram. A special order weapon.”
“You use a very unusual weapon.”
“Well, I usually work solo. And I had to think of ways to deal with enemies when I am surrounded. And this is what I settled on.”

People would call him a fool when they saw it. And treat him like a freak when they saw it in action. Still, it was the result of spending nine years in this world as an Adventurer.

“Well, I probably won’t actually use it.”
“I think you should sharpen it while you can.”
“It’s like you’re pretending to return to the subject, but spiraling out of control.”

He joked at Mailey’s suggestion that he would be using them soon.
She chuckled.

“I’m just elevating the conversation.”

And then she used her finger to draw an upward spiral towards the ceiling.

“You’re just moving upwards at an angle.”
“You shouldn’t look at the process. The results are important, are they not?”
“I think they are both important.”
“But you are satisfied with that weapon, Mister Tor? So I am guessing that it has exceeded your expectations.”

Maily said as she pointed a thin finger at the chain chakram.
She was right. Tor winced and then put it back into his pouch.

“I see. The results are important. Very well.”
“I’m asking you this out of pure curiosity, but is that weapon common on Earth?”
“No. I’ve never seen it in real life, much less stories. Perhaps a bellows sword is similar.”
“A bellows sword?”

So they didn’t know what that was.

“Think of it as a long sword that has been split into multiple pieces. And the fragments are connected by steel wire. If you reel it in, it can function as an ordinary sword. And when extended, it can act as a whip. Of course, it’s only used in fiction.”

After giving this simple explanation, Mailey began to scribble on a piece of paper.
And while the finished sketch had the characteristics down, there was something odd about it. It was clearly different from the detailed bird drawing next to it.

“Was it Euphie who drew the bird?”
“Yes. Euphie is good at drawing things that she has never even seen. I can draw a little, when sharing her thoughts, but do not really have the same skill for art.”
“Well, it’s not exactly terrible.”

It seemed less about skill and more about expression.
Maily looked at the finished sketch and tilted her head.

“And can your weapon also reel itself in?”
“Then how would you fight in close quarters?”
“A whip is a mid-range and a close-range weapon. But I don’t really want to talk about it, so don’t ask me.”

He said, before Mailey could complain.

“Very well.”

And then she returned to flipping pages in her book.

“That is enough idle chatter. There are serious matters to discuss. …About their method for smuggling.”

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  1. It sounds like his secondary weapon is a chain whip with a sharp circlet attached to its end? Sort of similar to a thorn whip / scorpion’s tail, but allowing the end to be tossed directly rather than only used to deal additional damage. The only other advantage over either of those is that his version (I think he was suggesting) can be swung around to cause slashing damage to all it encounters, while the others can’t as they deal on-hit piercing damage. Definitely unusual, although not as exotic as some odd weapons I’ve seen.

    The twins’ shared mind is unusual. I think I’ve only once before come across this sort of almost-hive-mind in fiction. The author’s implications are interesting: 1) that as infants they basically were a hive mind due to lacking the experience necessary to differentiate which mind was effecting which body, and 2) that only once their brains developed enough (both physically and in terms of different experiences stored in each) did each brain develop a sense of uniqueness sufficient to allow for the gradual development of a sense of self.

    The fact that one can still sleep for the other shows that they are still too deeply connected to be considered non-hive-mind, but they also have too much of a sense of self to be considered a true hive mind. There are a lot of implications and issues regarding how they are connected. It will be interesting to see how the author handles this – and how it develops – over the hundred or so chapters remaining in this story.

    This series definitely has potential. Thanks for the chapter. I will be following this series.

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